Quickie Professional Heavy-Duty Wet Mop, 24 oz

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Quickie Professional Heavy-Duty Wet Mop, 24 oz
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The Quickie Professional Mop tackles all sorts of difficult spills and messes. With a 100-percent cotton head, you can absorb a great deal of fluid with each sweep to save time. This heavy-duty wet mop features a hardwood handle and a galvanized steel clamp to last a long time. The head swaps out when it's used up for fast and convenient mopping. Keep an extra head on hand to make sure you can finish any job.

Quickie Professional Heavy-Duty Wet Mop:
  • 56" hardwood handle
  • Galvanized steel wing nut mop clamp
  • Heavy-duty mop with changeable head
  • Quickie professional mop has 100% cotton head
  • Head swaps out after being used up
  • Highly absorbent
  • Ideal for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, living room, patio, office and more


Appearances are deceiving

This purchase was a let down totally. What the picture shows seems to be a real heavy duty mop, well, it's not. The material of the mop is made out of some cheap material, was expecting something more along the lines of good 'ol cotton? nope! Don't know the material but, it is already falling apart after three uses. The place where you are supposed to connect the mop to the mop handle is not only cheap tin-like metal, the hole that connects the little arm to clasp it is bored out so that it looks like it will break at any use, in other words, the outside of the hole has very little metal to it leaving it vulnerable to pressure applied to the mop at any given time. The clasp is not easy to clasp either, I had to get my son to do it because I thought I would snap the hole, hurts the hands to try and clasp it-not recommended for people with weaker hands.


mop is great

It is nice to have a mop that doesn't scrape the floor when using it.


Nice heavy-duty mop with wooden handle

Well-made mop, made in USA, with replaceable mop head & a wooden handle. Yahoo! Great purchase that I am happy with. It's not lightweight just remember that!


Its a Monster Mop

WOW, was I surprised when this arrived, this mop is huge. The construction is Top Self, the handle is 3/4 inch thick hardwood, and the mop attachment is really constructed well, and is galvanized to boot. The rope construction is good and heavy, once you load it up you'll be able to mop an entire house, lol. If your weak dont buy because its a MONSTER. Great price too and FREE SHIPPING!


Vickey powell

It is a really good mop. You can really take the handle and go with it.You can tell it is going to last a very long time.