Rubbermaid 30-Gallon Flip-Door Stackable Recycle Bin

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Rubbermaid 30-Gallon Flip-Door Stackable Recycle Bin
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The Rubbermaid 30-Gallon Flip-Door Stackable Recycle Bin makes recycling easy. This Rubbermaid Recycle Bin includes stickers to label each bin and sort according to your needs, making it easy for the entire family to get involved with recycling. The 30-gallon trash cans are made from recycled material and the hood snaps securely for easy transport. These trash cans are ideal for single- or multi-stream recycling. The flip door on the Rubbermaid recycle bin makes it easy to put in your recyclables. Other sizes are available to allow you to stack. These 30-gallon trash cans make it easy to take the recyclables to the facility if needed.

Rubbermaid 30-Gallon Flip-Door Stackable Recycle Bin:

  • Flip door makes unloading recyclables easy
  • Stickers to label each bin to individual sorting needs
  • Perfect for multi- or single-stream recycling
  • Hood snaps securely to base for easy transport
  • Product is made from recycled material and is recyclable
  • Other sizes available for stacking in multiple configurations (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 24"L x 15.5"W x 36.5"H


Sturdy and Functional

These handsome bins allow us to organize and manage our recycling easily. They are sturdy and stack well.


Poor Door Design

Picture doesn't show which way the door opens. Most people will think the door opens inward with hinges at the top like every other bin in the world. It does not. The hinges are at the bottom and the door opens out at the top. And stays open unless manually closed. Definitely not recycle friendly. Had I known this I would not have purchased it. This is the poorest design I've seen.



bought this for the kitchen at work, to replace some expensive, but cheaply made ones that everyone hated. These are heavy duty and perfectly sized.



Even though this is called a recycle bin, I am using it for my kitchen garbage can. It is heavy plastic, and the flip-door helps keep the garbage odors contained. The recycle symbol is embossed in the plastic flip-door with a recycle sticker over it. Not the prettiest garbage can(if there is such a thing anyway), but it is so very useful, and I am glad I found it on the Walmart website.


Door is questionable

I wanted a recycle can that could sit outside with a door to keep the majority of the bugs at bay. I do like the bin and am using it next to my patio for a garbage bin for paper and miscellaneous waste that should not draw too many insects. The door on this thing is questionable, though. It does drop down and outward as other reviewers have said, however, I question the durability of it. Often the alignment is off and will not close completely. Also it is very light weight. I do not expect it to last very long. Also, I do not recall any of the other reviews mentioning that you must push down on the door latch to get it to latch completely. Requires very light pressure but does then set the door off alignment to close if not careful.