Crayola Sketch Wizard Kit

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Crayola Sketch Wizard Kit
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Draw almost any flat image or dimensional figure! Sketch Wizard projects a ghosted image on paper, making it easy to recreate. Draw from pictures and photographs or from your favorite action figures or dolls. You can even draw a friend or objects across the room! Comes with a graphite pencil and six short colored pencils.
Crayola Sketch Wizard Kit
  • Crayola kit offers quick and easy setup
  • Creative toy lets you draw from 2D, 3D, smartphones, and tablets
  • Patent pending filter lens for drawing from photographs
  • Removable eye piece
  • Transforms into lap desk
  • Built-in pencil storage
  • Crayola gift set comes with a graphite pencil and 6 short colored pencils


Great in Theory

The idea is good, but the toy it self not the greatest. First problem, I got this for my son's 6th birthday, now he's an average hight, with this sitting on a regular table and him on regular hight chair, he is not tall enough to see in the little window, so he has to lay on the floor and stretch his head up to see anything. Second problem, the mirror or the plastic piece ( I haven't quite decided with yet) is not big enough or just sit in the right angle or something, so half of the image reflected back at you is the green arm if you angle the plastic piece up more to see less of the treen plastic you can no longer see the paper your supposed to be drawing on. If they improve the design we will try again, be as it is neither of us are happy with it and it is going back.


Do not waste your money!

The idea of this product is brilliant. The execution is awful! For Crayola I expected a MUCH better product! The part where you look through is for one beyond cheap and doesn't lock into place that well so the second you put your face up to it it collapses. Also, we can't get it to show anything 3D whatsoever. All you see is a distorted view of whatever you have on the tray. We followed the directions to the letter and we cannot get this to show the image of what my son wants to draw on the tray down to the paper. Will be returning ASAP!



It is too hard to use for kids, and for teens it still doesn't work well.


not helpful

This does not help you to draw what you are looking at through it, and my son wishes he had not spent his birthday money on it.


Daughter loves it!

Really neat device. Simple to use and I think it will advance my daughter's drawing skills, as well.