Trim Nailcare Fingernail & Toenail 09625 Clippers, 2 ct

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Trim Nailcare Fingernail & Toenail 09625 Clippers, 2 ct
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Trim Nailcare Fingernail Clippers 09625 are stainless steel clippers that can be used for fingernails and toenails. These Trim Nail Clippers (2ct) have precision-ground cutting edges, to give you clean and even cuts. These Trim Toenail Clippers also have a thumb pad for comfortable use.

Trim: Nailcare Fingernail & Toenail 09625 Clippers, 2-Count:

  • Stainless-steel fingernail and toenail clippers
  • Lever has convenient thumb pad for easy handling
  • Precision-ground cutting edges for even cuts
  • Professional quality
  • Portable style
  • Toenail and fingernail clippers are ideal for home and travel
  • Model number: 09625


Utter Garbage

I got these clippers in the hopes they would cut better than the mediocre performing cheapies made by Trim. I am sad to report these performed significantly worse. They don't cut cleanly and leave a sharp edge. The handle is flat, which means when you push down to cut, it bows instead of staying rigid. The bowing wouldn't be so bad if the clippers were actually sharp. I have plenty of strength to force these to clip, but even the dollar finger clippers work better on toes than the toenail clippers work on fingers or toes. The notched plug that holds everything together keeps popping out, even on the first use. I don't have that problem with the inexpensive clippers. If you try to contact Trim by email about their awful product, they don't respond... and yes, I checked my spam folder.... for :inSpam trim :inSpam clipper etc. You get the point. Don't buy. Go with the cheap ones, or pass this brand by.


Run don't look back!

Made cheap.I hang onto my good pair and loan out these cheap ones.If I don't get them back no great loss.


Straight toenail clipper

Nice and sharp. The toenail clipper is straight across to trims correctly. Only 'con' would be that I wished they opened a bit larger.


Smooth cut!!!!!!

This nail clipper is very easy to use on thick hard nails and also on thin and fragile ones too . Cuts a smooth edge my favorite.


best clippers

I bought a Trim 09625 set when I needed new clippers on a business trip. Since my return, I have set aside all the others and only use these. One thing that led me to choose this set is that the toenail clippers have a straight contour that has become harder to find in recent years. The set that I bought has a solid feel, and it cuts fingernails and toenails very reliably.