Springfield 13.25" Thermometer with Hygrometer

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Springfield 13.25" Thermometer with Hygrometer
MSRP : $32.64

Sale : $15.92
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Wind chill/heat index thermometer with hygrometer and bold silk screen graphics are some of the features of the Thermometer with Hygrometer.

Springfield 13.25" Thermometer with Hygrometer:
  • Wind chill/heat index thermometer with hygrometer
  • Bold silk screen graphics
  • Fahrenheit scale
  • Springfield thermometer humidity range: 40-90%
  • Shatterproof
  • Weather resistant


I pretty much got what I paid for.

It was very inexpensive and I got what I paid for. Not sure how accurate it is. Can't go by the weather report on TV OR online; because Grandma's arthritis is more accurate than either one of those two. But I think I am happy with it. It is definately large enough to hang on the other side of my carport and view it from inside the house. So THAT accomplished my wish. Humidity measurement????? I doubt very seriously that is accurate. I live in Florida. It was raining outside and it showed 50% humidity. NOT. But like I said. I only paid 6 dollars and change. I can't expect more than that.


Need not be precise and inexpensive instrument

Simple analog thermometer and barometer. Its exactly what I needed. It even came with printed template (back of box) for screws (not included) placement. It hangs on fence, which is directly facing the kitchen sink window.


Looks and works great!

Item mounts easily on two screws for added stability. Large, easy to read dials make it easy to spot from several feet away, and I appreciate the hygrometer to get the relative humidity as well.


Great on a Cold Morning

It is big enough that I can put it on my porch and be able to read it from inside. Never having to go out in the cold


Very good

Big number easy to read and very informative