Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Set

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Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Set
MSRP : $39.99

Sale : $18.89
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This Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Plus Set is the ideal choice for your various food storage, preparation and transport needs. These dishes work well for refrigerator and freezer storage of leftovers and prepared meals, as well as taking food on the go to work or school. This 14-Piece Pyrex Storage Plus Set comes with four round two-cup dishes, two round four-cup dishes, one round seven-cup dish and matching blue BPA-free plastic storage lids. These storage dishes are made with non-porous glass, so they will not absorb flavors, odors or stains. They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and their convenient round shapes make for easy stacking and packing. This Pyrex storage set is also pre-heated oven safe, microwave safe and freezer safe, making it a truly versatile storage solution.
  • Pyrex Simply Store 14-piece Set with Blue Lids includes one 7-cup, two 4-cup & four 2-cup round dishes with blue plastic lids
  • Pyrex glass is dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave & pre-heated oven safe
  • Non-porous surface does not absorb food odors, flavors or stains
  • Plastic lids are BPA free
  • Plastic lids are top-rack dishwasher safe, refrigerator & microwave safe
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty on Pyrex glass and plastic lids


Great set of glass storage ware at a great price

Was able to purchase this for $15.00 which if you check around for other pricing on the walmart site was a good price (and i just wanted storage ware not more pyrex cookware although you can to some degree "cook" in these) and I gave it 5 stars and the best in value, expectations, durability and appearance not because I believe most things deserve to be rated that highly but because in this instance (so far) i believe they do deserve it. I decided it was better to have glassware to store leftovers in than plastic (read up on plastic and potential issues) and also because i know these are easier to clean and i can put them in the dishwasher with no concerns. These are heavy duty glassware with good fitting blue plastic lids. Easy to see what is in them when in the refrigerator and i hear you can freeze them and also microwave in them. Yes being glassware you have to be more careful with them since they could break but all in all this is a great purchase and i plan to purchase more. My main concern is whether the lids will stay tight fitting, so time will tell.


Easy-clean, sturdy and practical.

Multi-sizes are perfect for either pre-planned meal portions or leftovers. Appropriate for all kinds of foods without adding smells/flavors of prior use! While glass can be slippery and a bit heavy - it's worth it to use less metal and plastic. Cleaning them is easy and quick.


I'm so happy with these!

I have been SO concerned about the dangers of plastic-leaching and assumed that there wasn't much to choose from in the way of glass storage containers and that it would be too expensive to buy, but I was wrong on both counts! I love the Pyrex glass storage ware. It is very thick, in my opinion, and the lids are very easy to get on if you start at one end and "smooth" your way around. My lids have all fit well. I haven't tried liquids in them yet to know about leakage, but I'm sold on them for carrying lunches, storing all kinds of cooked foods, raw vegetables, etc. in the refrigerator, and have put a bunch of them in the freezer also with lunches in them. They clean up in a SNAP (the round ones are easier to clean than the square ones because of having no corners), and they seem very sturdy and well-made. The red lids are a little garish and overly bright in my opinion and are not truly red, so I much prefer the blue ones, but in the end it doesn't matter that much since they're just for food storage! I purchased 3 different sets of the Pyrex glass storage and love them all. A lot of them nest together to save space also, which helps in storing all of these! I've already gotten rid of the majority of my plastic ware, and I just got a new Pyrex set yesterday, so I'll be getting rid of more of the plastic now! This set has 2-cup, 4-cup and 7-cup containers. The 4-cup size is great for ALL KINDS of things and is my very favorite lunch size, and the 2-cup containers are my next-most-used size after the 4-cup size. The 2-cup sizes are SO handy for so many things that I couldn't do without them. Needless to say by this point, I'm thrilled that these are now available to buy!


Thick glass and nice lids

These are really nice. The lids are easy to remove yet hold onto the glass bowls very snuggly. The sizes are perfect for leftovers.


I love this set.

I use the 4 amall bowls to freeze food and take to work for lunch. The larger ones are great for refrigerator or freezing larger amounts.