Brand New Meguiars Inc Mgg-17216 Ultimate Compound

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Brand New Meguiars Inc Mgg-17216 Ultimate Compound
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Meguiar's Ultimate Compound is ideal for restoring color and clarity to neglected or abused finishes on a variety of vehicles. Meguiar's Compound contains a ground-breaking formula that cuts fast, without scratching your vehicle's surface, including clear-coat finishes. This formula will help you save time and effort when removing defects, swirl marks from prior polishings, oxidation and scratches from your vehicle's body. Meguiar's Compound saves time while producing better quality results than more traditional rubbing and polishing compounds. Meguiar's Rubbing Compound utilizes an exclusive micro-abrasive technology that was developed from sophisticated professional detailer and body shop products to produce high-quality vehicle restoration for their clients.

You can apply the Meguiar's Ultimate Compound by hand or use it with a Dual Action (DA) Polisher to get optimal results, adding shine and vitality to your car. Meguiar's Rubbing Compound is suitable for use at home or at your body shop.

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound:

  • Quickly and easily restores color and clarity to abused and neglected finishes
  • Clear coat-safe formula
  • Cuts fast, but will not scratch
  • Use by hand or with Dual Action (DA) Polisher
  • Model# G17216
  • Saves time while producing better quality results
  • Micro-abrasive technology developed from state-of-the-art professional body shop and detailer products.


Brought my 2004 Volvo s60 back to life

I love this stuff! It gets all the swirl marks out and even got out a bad mark by the gas tank door. Here are some tips for those who say it's not working. 1. Wash your car first. This is important because you want to get all the dust and dirt off so you don't grind it into the paint. 2. Shake well and use CLEAN and DRY microfiber cloths. Don't use the same one you washed the car with or cleaned the tires with. Using the same one you cleaned the car with will contaminate it and it won't work the way it should. 3. Do one section at a time. Use about a dime to nickel sized drop and polish a section of the car, then use another CLEAN and DRY microfiber cloth to buff it to a mirror shine. 4. Make sure you wax afterwards. This seals the paint and protects it. Below you can see my results.


Works great on clearcoat

Bought the Ultimate Compound AND the Ultimate Polish for my 2010 Impala upon a recommendation on the internet. I've used Meguiar's products in the past and have been more than satisfied. This combo worked great and well work the price. Easy to us, just follow the directions guys ! ! ! and don't get too far ahead of yourself.


Works great on clearcoat

Wow !!! This is a terrific product easy to use and the results were nothing short of spectacular. I used this product on my daughters 2008 Honda that she had totally neglected over the years, color and shine were virtually nonexistent. Product was very easy to use and required a minimal amount of elbow grease to bring the color and luster of the paint back. I gave the hood trunk and roof two coats to get them back to like new condition. I then followed up with Meguiars NXT wax, which went on and came off very easily; the car now looks like it belongs on a dealer's floor. Hats off to Meguiars for a great product, I would highly recommend this product to anyone..


Excellent Product from Meguiars

I used this with a Harbor Freight Dual Action 6" polisher & pads (Lake Country 5.5 backing plate). With the orange cutting pad it has completely restored amazing shine & luster to my 15 year old oxidized Earl Scheib 1-stage enamel paint job. The only thing that could make this product better was if it could magically remove dents too. lol


Must do tip

Just an important tip that you need to apply to a small section and wipe off immediately or it will dry and become very hard to get off. Also this isn't going to get out swirls on a 10+ year old car unless you have kept the paint in great shape. My car is In okay shape and the defects were too deep. And my cars are parked indoors. This is a product for someone who keeps their car in very good shape.