Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Pellets Refill Cat Litter, 3.5-lb

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Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Pellets Refill Cat Litter, 3.5-lb
MSRP : $8.99

Sale : $7.96
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How It Works. Instead of traditional clay litter, the BREEZE Litter System uses specially designed, cat-friendly litter pellets that are 99.9% dust free and anti-tracking. The pellets allow urine to pass through, while leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal. The urine is quickly absorbed by the odor-controlling pad.
  • Allows urine to pass through for odor control
  • Dehydrates solid waste to prevent tracking
  • 99.9% dust-free formula
  • Allows for quick and easy litter box maintenance
  • One bag lasts up to a month



I ordered Breeze cat litter products. This is a great system by Tidy Cats. I love how easy this is to maintain. I cannot find this in my area. I ordered online and it was delivered promptly to my home and at a good price. I'll continue to order from Walmart!


Best litter box option ever

Absolutely love the quality of this product for eliminating litter box odor. Just got two kittens in July, 2013 (born in February, I think) and they both began using this litter box system without a hitch; guessing that is the case because this was their first experience with a litter box system. Pellets definitely a little pricey and replacing the pad should be maintained to control the odor but worth the cost. Kittens do like to play with the individual pellets. Don't know if they are toxic but definitely an oral/dental concern. Hopefully they will outgrow this behavior. Vet recommended this pellet type litter when kittens were spayed/neutered, particularly for males. Coupons available online at Tidy Cats for the Breeze litter system. Walmart price matched when I found an advertised price online for less + used the coupon. I suggest ordering pellets and pads online for store pickup. Thanks Walmart!


Best Litter System I hv found

Purina Tidy Cat BREEZE PELLET SYSTEM. is a totally different system. I was so sick of paying such high prices for the lighter litter or hauling 42lbs bags or big plastic jugs of new litter. Even then 99.9 dust free is a crock. I cant imagine how much dust my poor cat has breathed in his 13 years having a covered litter box. This system may be a little more expensive but that lite stuff but its great!! So much cleaner. The pelkets stay in the box, No digging out cement evveryday. The pee goes thru the pellets into a tray below that you put a thick pee pad in & change out every 4 days. They say a wk but my cat drinks alot of water. The #2 sits on top of the pellers & I keep a roll of T.P. by the box. Take a wad of TP & pick it up & flush. Wallah..no dust no cement no smell..its great! I clean his box daily, probably not good for anyone that wouldnt flush everyday. It is hard to find supplies the pellets & pads. I just order them on walmart online. Try it.


Pellets work great!

This is the best system for cats. No smell and our kitten took to it immediately. The refills need to be cheaper, however. Not a fan of the price tag.


Fantastic Product

I just want to tell every cat lover how well this works. It does everything it is advertised to do. Although the little bag of pellets is more expensive in relation to regular litter, it lasts so much longer and doesn't create all the nasty waste that regular litter does. I just change the pads once a week and add a little more litter when it gets low. The biggest problem I have is finding the bags of litter in stock. I guess there are others out there who have also discovered this time saving, mess saving product.