Igloo 3.2 Cubic-ft Refrigerator With Platinum Finish

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Igloo 3.2 Cubic-ft Refrigerator With Platinum Finish
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Simplify your groceries with the 3.2 Cubic-ft Refrigerator with Platinum Finish from Igloo. It includes all your favorite organizational features such as a separate freezer and fridge, a reversible door and slide-out glass shelves. Plus, it has an adjustable thermostat.
3.2 Cu Ft Capacity Fridge & Freezer Clear Crisper Reversible Door Adjustable Thermostat Hcfc Free Slide-out Glass Shelves Invisible Door Handle Platinum Finish


Product arrived SUPER DENTED

The ship to store option worked OK but the product was SEVERELY dented when I unboxed it. I took it straight back to the Walmart store in town and they accepted it back and said it was common to see that damage. It was dented on top, side and front. I didn't see the back before I loaded it back up in the car. I don't think I'll try that again.


Great refrigerator for personal use and privacy

This is a great product and I'm enjoying having it. It shipped pretty quick. I ordered it one day and it was delivered the very next day. I also got it for a great price, under $100. There is a lot of room inside. You can place the shelves exactly where you'd like them. I have three pitchers inside with drinks along with bottles of water and other items and there's still a lot of room to store things. I live with other people so I have this product stored in my room. Works for me because I have my own privacy with the product.



I purchased this fridge for my office at work (which is on a college campus....not exactly convenient parking), hauled it in from my car, unpacked it.....and it has several noticeable dents. It also looked like it had been returned when i unpacked it, because the box had been re-taped. I wish i'd paid more attention before bringing it all the way in here, but i didn't expect that i would be sold a knowingly damaged product! It's a pretty good deal but not that good! If i wanted a dented fridge i could get one for under $50, i'm sure. Make sure you check yours before taking it home!


Great mini fridge

As long as you read your directions properly, the unit is great. Whisper quiet, nice size, and keeps everything ice cold. Amazing product!


Igloo 3.2 mini fridge Platinum

We've had the igloo 3.2 mini fridge for 3 weeks now and so far it runs great. It is very quiet and keeps things cold without problem. The light bulb was not good when it arrived and I'm having a hard time finding the type it takes. Not too big of a deal though because we are able to use it without the light for now. The frame was slightly indented where the screws attach to the inner frame. It looks like the outer part is just slightly big for the actually frame, but it was nothing that caused issues. It was near the bottom back corners where they attach. I do like the freezer being all the way across and the water tray just under the freezer for when we need to defrost. I would have given this a five star rating if the light bulb had been good and the frame fit a little better. Not a huge deal for me though. It does knock once when it turns on and off but with research I found that is just when the temp changes (makes sense when it has to have the fan and freon change the temp to keep things the right temp).