BUNN, BUN424000101, 12-Cup Pour-O-Matic Decanter, 1 Each, Clear

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BUNN, BUN424000101, 12-Cup Pour-O-Matic Decanter, 1 Each, Clear
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Serve your coffee with the 12-Cup BUNN Coffee Glass Decanter. The BUNN Decanter is made of laboratory-grade, stress-free glass specially designed using a state-of-the art connection process typically used with food-grade polymeric materials. This product is more eco-friendly than the vinyl gaskets and vinyl O-ring usually found with coffee decanters. The BUNN Coffee Decanter's precise design mold ensures that it can withstand the temperature adjustments day after day. The images will also retain their design integrity after months of heavy use and washing, primarily because they are made using a unique high-temperature printing process. The BUNN 12-Cup Coffee Glass Decanter is ideal for those coffee lovers who start their day off with a stimulating cup of coffee.
  • Reliable, shatter-resistant and perfectly balanced
  • Laboratory-grade, stress-free glass
  • Precise design mold stands up to rigors of temperature adjustments, day after day
  • Ergonomic handle design means easy manipulation of full, hot decanter
  • 64 oz. (1.9 liter) capacity


Nice decanter

It is a perfect match for my coffee maker. Nice decanter made very well and very functional. I love it.


replacement pots

I bought a commercial BUN pour over coffee maker a few years back off of eBay because I was unhappy with the home versions because of so much plastic in its construction and it didn't last very long. I still have the ongoing problem with their pots though. they leak after awhile where the plastic top (spout and handle) meets the glass pot itself. It drips a few drops with every pour, so I replace them. This is the third set of pots since I bought this machine. I simply love the machine, and I expect it to outlast me! And I would recommend the commercial model over the home version even though it is quite a bit more expensive! You definitely get what you pay for in this instance! I have even tried the metal bottom pots, and they leak also after awhile where the metal meets the glass. Not a whole lot, but just enough to make a mess and possibly burn you! Remember the McDonald's lawsuit!!! <GG>


Great product at the lowest price I could find!!!!

I broke our coffee pot at work, and this product replaced it perfectly...same exact product and the lowest price available!!!!


Bunn 12-Cup

A great price performer! Excellent quality.


Bunn 12 cup decanter

We have a commercial grade coffee maker at the Fire House and it is a perfect fit as a replacement for the broken ones we had.