BUNN, BUN424000101, 12-Cup Pour-O-Matic Decanter, 1 Each, Clear

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BUNN, BUN424000101, 12-Cup Pour-O-Matic Decanter, 1 Each, Clear
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12-cup decanter offers a traditional glass-globe body and black plastic parts to indicate regular coffee. Ergonomic handle design means easy manipulation of the full, hot decanter. Laboratory-grade, stress-free glass is reliable, shatter-resistant and perfectly balanced. Precise design mold stands up to rigors of temperature adjustments day-after-day. State-of-the-art connection process used with food-grade polymeric materials is more earth-friendly and eliminates the need for vinyl gaskets or "O" rings. Unique high-temperature printing process for logo applications lets the images retain their design integrity through heavy use and washing. Decanter is designed for use with most 12-cup coffee brewers.BUNN 12-Cup Pour-O-Matic Decanter
Reliable, shatter-resistant and perfectly balancedLaboratory-grade, stress-free glassPrecise design mold stands up to rigors of temperature adjustments, day after dayErgonomic handle design means easy manipulation of full, hot decanter64 oz. (1.9 liter) capacity


replacement pots

I bought a commercial BUN pour over coffee maker a few years back off of eBay because I was unhappy with the home versions because of so much plastic in its construction and it didn't last very long. I still have the ongoing problem with their pots though. they leak after awhile where the plastic top (spout and handle) meets the glass pot itself. It drips a few drops with every pour, so I replace them. This is the third set of pots since I bought this machine. I simply love the machine, and I expect it to outlast me! And I would recommend the commercial model over the home version even though it is quite a bit more expensive! You definitely get what you pay for in this instance! I have even tried the metal bottom pots, and they leak also after awhile where the metal meets the glass. Not a whole lot, but just enough to make a mess and possibly burn you! Remember the McDonald's lawsuit!!! <GG>


Great product at the lowest price I could find!!!!

I broke our coffee pot at work, and this product replaced it perfectly...same exact product and the lowest price available!!!!


Bunn 12-Cup

A great price performer! Excellent quality.


Bunn 12-Cup

They were exactly the ones I needed.I had these items within 3 days of ordering them.


Bunn 12 cup decanter

We have a commercial grade coffee maker at the Fire House and it is a perfect fit as a replacement for the broken ones we had.