Achim Tivoli II 6x36 Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks 10 Planks/15 sq. ft.

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Achim Tivoli II 6x36 Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks 10 Planks/15 sq. ft.
MSRP : $21.24

Sale : $16.98
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Do you want to spruce up your home, office or garage at a rock bottom price? Look no further than the Tivoli Plank collection. Choose any of the three styles of wood-look vinyl and just peel and stick to a flat and dry surface. In no time your room will be magically transformed! Can be used in any room in your home such as kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and basements!


Good for floor not for wall

I bought this to Shiplap a wall in an RV. The adhesive doesn't stick well enough for vertical application, had tonail to wall. Took paint well. Looks good on floor for the price and was fairly easy to install.


So easy to use!

Simple to use and a quick fix for an ugly floor.


Great price, but not good for masonry floors.

I was impressed with the price and quality compared to other vinyl planks out there. My husband and I are prepping a house for sale and thought putting down vinyl planks with a wood finish would "warm up" the painted basement floor. However, the planks kept coming up even after thoroughly removing the dust and surface dirt. My husband had to start from zero, pulling up all the tiles before coating the floor with mastic. He had to wait for 2-3 hours for the glue to become "tacky" before re-applying the planks. This increased installation time considerably, but we are now at least confident that the planks will stay down. Before resorting to the "direct glue" down my husband had called the manufacturer. They told him that the product was not intended for masonry floors. Of course we hadn't seen that in any of the instructions or specs. In short - we saved money, but not time, which was the whole point of buying press and stick tiles.


Great value/Easy Install

This was a great value for the quality of the product. The planks were super easy to install. My husband and I laid this floor together which made the process faster. Cutting the planks was simple with the use of an exacto knife; score and then bend and snap. The floor looks great but it is flat and smooth and not like some wood plank floors that are textured. Very happy with our results!


Cheap and easy

Bought this flooring for a bathroom floor. I was advised not to use this in a bathroom because of the small seams; but did it anyway. I painted the floor with 3 coats oil based paint to seal and to give something better for the planks to stick to. I have a particle board sub floor. I would recommend painting OSB and concrete as well before using this type of flooring. I live in a rental and am reimbursed by my landlord for improvements. It was a good application for this. I wouldn't use this in a whole house that I owned. Looks good, cuts with a razor knife, and stuck well. Imperfections a 1/16" or larger are noticeable ie. staples, raised spots... but seams in subfloor hide well. On several pieces, the adhesive seemed less sticky but I ended up with one extra box in case any planks need replaced. In my opinion, looks better than laminate flooring.