Scott Rapid Dissolve Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls

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Scott Rapid Dissolve Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls
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This Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue 4-Pack is designed just for your RV, boat or septic system. Tested by the Scott Clog Clinic, this toilet paper is approved for these specialized systems. Scott Bath Tissue dissolves up to four times faster than other brands of tissue paper, while being strong, soft and absorbent. This bath tissue has a quilted pattern for comfort and better cleaning.

Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue, 264 Sheets, 4 Rolls:
  • Ideal for septic systems, RVs, boats and buses
  • Scott Rapid dissolving tissue breaks down in water four times faster than average bath tissue
  • Soft, absorbent single-ply sheets
  • Gentle on sensitive skin


Toilet paper, no brainer! Pckg, DUMB

The only problem I had was that it was unavailable a bundle of 12 or 24. so I had to order 10 packages in one order. Someone in the shipping department must have thought that was funny, so they sent a box that measured 2 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet with tons of brown wrapping paper and one little package with four rolls in it. *Standard 4 roll pack is what? 3 or 4 inches thick, 8 tall, 8 wide?* So, I got 8 packages like that! Even FED EX got suspicious and opened one of the boxes and repacked it. Think they were annoyed to have to take up so much space on the truck, and then make 10 trips to the house. The last 4 pack arrived in a box only 3 xs bigger than the package. My BIG concern here is that if this is standard practice, they won't be offering free shipping for long. not to mention the waste and recycling! If you can't quite believe this I've got a video, The product is fantastic, safe for my old pipes and septic at a great price. wish the store carried it!


Best RV toilet paper

Best RV toilet paper out there. Double ply and reasonably priced at Walmart.

Anything but this

Sand paper?

Worst product ever. Dispensor jammed. Absorbed nothing.


The BEST RV toilet paper.

This is the best RV quick dissolving toilet paper available. We have tried numerous brands and this is by far the best and it is very reasonably priced.


Great for RV

RV toilet paper overall is not that stellar due to the fact it has to dissolve so quickly. Scott RV Rapid Dissolve actually is nice, thick and dissolves quickly. We are full timers and have not found a better product.