Lubriderm Daily Moisture Body Lotion, Fragrance-Free, 16 fl. oz

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Lubriderm Daily Moisture Body Lotion, Fragrance-Free, 16 fl. oz
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Ideal for normal-to-dry skin types, Lubriderm Daily Moisture Fragrance-Free Body Lotion replenishes and helps moisturize dry skin. From a dermatologist-developed brand, this daily moisturizing lotion is clinically proven to moisturize for 24 hours. It is formulated with vitamin B5 and skin essential moisturizers to help improve your skin's moisture barrier. And it has a non-greasy formula, for a pleasant, soft, and smooth feel to the skin.
  • 16-fl. oz pump bottle of Lubriderm Fragrance-Free Daily Moisture Body Lotion
  • Clinically proven to moisturize skin for 24 hours
  • With Vitamin B5 and skin-essential moisturizers
  • Improve skin's moisture barrier leaving a pleasant, soft, and smooth feel to the skin
  • Body lotion replenishes and helps moisturize dry skin
  • Ideal lotion for normal-to-dry skin types
  • Is unscented and has a non-greasy formula
  • A dermatologist-developed brand


I Broke Out

This product was working quite well at first on my new tattoo which is on my middle finger and since I was using it on my tattoo I was think hey why not use it on my hands too. A few days go by and I noticed bumps on my outer hands and on the innner fingers but I didnt think it was a big deal because that happens when my allergies flare up. And this morning I applied it to my arms up to my elbows around 7am ish and I went the whole day at school without anything on my arms. I went to my my boyfriend's therapy session with him arond 3:45pm and about 4:15pm all if a sudden my arms started to itch and burn so I pulled up my sleeves and it was red with bumps. I showed my boyfriend and went to the restroom to get cold paper towels to put on both arms. I came back almist a minute later and it had gotten 10 times worse just that quick. I started to panic. It is now 10:45pm and it is still itching and burning. Worst lotion experience ever. This is worse than the reactions I have to Aloe Vera.!


Love fragrance free products!

I try to use all fragrance free personal care products and also look for products for dry skin. The Lubriderm is thicker than some of the other lotions (name brand and generics) I have used and gives better coverage while soaking into the skin. No use using a product that just lays on the skin and then gets washed off. A small amount goes a long way to moisturize my face, hands, rough feet, etc.


Best moisturiser in the world!

Forget all those expensive creams - Lubriderm is incredible. What I love about it is that it doesn't leave your hands greasy, I think because it's water based. It lasts for ages & feels like it becomes one with your skin. It has given me great skin. Try it!


Amazing product

This is one product that I will vouch for. It doesn't have that sticky oily feeling after you put it on. its very light yet effective. I had cracked knuckles, with cuts, bruises and bled often and of course the pain was there. Both my hands would get like that every summer around. I had heard about his product from my sister who swore by it but I was hesitant to switch over from Cetaphil which I had been using for a very long time. I decided to finally give it a try and so I bought the unscented lotion. Within a week I saw the change. My hands were recovered completely in less than 2 weeks. I have been using it after every hand wash and I can proudly say I haven't seen any dry patches or cuts on my hands ever since. I am still using Cetaphil for my face which hasn't been working that great anymore and I am thinking to try out Lubriderm on my face as well.


Great for Tattoos!

This was literally the only thing we used for my mom's tattoo as it was healing. It's light and unscented, so it makes the healing process super easy. It also doesn't pull the color out of it like other lotions may do. Now that her tattoo has healed, I use it, and I love it! It's super hydrating without feeling greasy.