Equate Maximum Strength Lice Killing Shampoo, 8 Fl Oz

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Equate Maximum Strength Lice Killing Shampoo, 8 Fl Oz
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Equate Lice Shampoo is highly effective when used as directed. It can be used at home and will remove head lice without leaving any harmful chemical residue behind. Equate lice killing shampoo is only recommended for those over the age of 6.

Equate Lice Shampoo:
  • Highly effective
  • No active chemical residue is left behind
  • Equate lice treatment shampoo is easy to use
  • Works fast to kill lice and eggs in 3 steps
  • Active ingredients: piperonyl butoxide 4%, lice treatment and pyrethrum extract (equivalent to 0.33% pyrethrins), lice treatment
  • Helps children return to school nit free
  • 2 nit combs included
  • Contains 1 treatment
  • Size: 8 oz
  • Compare to RID Lice Killing Shampoo active ingredient
Head Lice
• Lay small white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft close to the scalp.
• Nits are most easily found on back of neck or behind ears.
• Disinfect hats, hair ribbons, scarves, coats, towels, and bed linens by machine washing in hot water (above 54°C (130°F)), then using hottest dryer cycle for at least 20 minutes.
• Items that cannot be washed (bedspreads, blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, etc.) should be dry-cleaned or sealed in a plastic bag for 4 weeks, then removed outdoors and shaken out very hard before using again.


Worked great!!!

A few months ago, I realized that somehow all 4 of my children had lice. (Oh no!!) I went to Walmart intending to purchase a different product, but they didn't have it in stock, so I ended up getting this instead. I'm so glad I did! For less than $10, I treated all 4 kids (plus my husband and I, just in case). It killed most of the adult lice and the rest seemed impaired (they were moving very slowly) making it easy to remove them from the head. The treatment itself was easy to do, instructions were clear, it wasn't terribly messy, and the smell was not offensive. This is NOT a product that kills the nits (eggs). (Most OTC products are not ovicidal.) You have to remove them, either with the provided combs or your fingers. It was fairly quick and easy (10 min) to do on my boys but took a good 2 hrs for my one daughter who has hair down to her waist. Then you have to follow up for the next week, thoroughly checking and recombing if needed. I went ahead and retreated both my daughters' hair after a week, to kill any remaining nits that had hatched. After that, we have been lice-free (although my head itches while I'm typing this review!). I read more than I ever wanted to know about lice, and the main takeaways were (1) kill the live lice, (2) remove the nits, (3) wash bedding but don't spend much time/energy cleaning as lice/nits can't survive long off the head. Overall, although I did bemoan "ain't nobody got time for this!" while dealing with the lice, this product helped me successfully defeat our infestation on the first go-round. And you can't beat the price.


Life saver!!

I bought this shampoo after learning that all three of us had gotten Lice, it was fast and easy to use and my kids did not mind the smell of it and had almost instant relief from the itch!


Not worth being packaged.

I bought this product to treat my child's head for lice. After the following the directions and combing out what were supposed to be dead infestation, I realized that it had been ineffective. Immediately after the medication was given the bugs on his head were still alive. I assumed they were dying and just not dead yet so I continued to comb over his head thoroughly removing any bugs or nits. I had faith that I was just paranoid, and the treatment had at least killed the eggs and was planning to follow directions and retreat in 10 days. Thank goodness i did not wait that long because in 3 days I looked at his head and there was so many bugs there was no way the first treatment had done anything. At this point I took him in the backyard shaved his head, and sprayed Raid bug killer with permetherin on the clippings.


ok shampoo HORRIBLE COMB!!!!!!

I bought this when I found lice on my son after going to a block part on 4th of July. Like most parent's these days I need to find things that are a little less pricey but just as good as the pricey stuff. I've used other Equate products and I've never had an issue so trusted this product. My son has hair that is not typical for most boys his age these days. He doesn't sport a shaved head or a mohawk and isn't willing to shave his head either so had to go the route of nit picking. Bought this, used this, felt confident it solved the problem. Cleaned everything in his room, in my room to be safe when low and behold he's scratching again! I look I don't see anything but figure I'll use the shampoo not a third time but a fourth time to be safe and when I look in the sink hey he's got lice all over again. Since it's been hot we have not left this house and gone anywhere that he could have possibly picked it up AGAIN. Nope turns out that hour I spent nit picking before and thinking "hey this easy that shampoo must have washed them little BUGGERS all out for me'" was nothing because that little plastic comb didn't do A thing! That plastic comb in the box is worthless. The shampoo I'm sure works just as well as every other shampoo out there but do yourself a favor and buy the Rid comb!!!!! And if your child has any other hair color than blonde, buy some magnifying glasses as well. Then be prepared to sit there for at least 3 hours nit picking. The Rid comb rocks. Yes it took me 3 hours to get all the nits out of my sons hair but now I'm confident I got ALL of them out of his hair. If you use the comb that came with this product you'll be using this product over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. BUY THE RID COMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is the same product as RID. This should be your first try at getting rid of the lice, but understand that some areas have become immune to the Pyretherin poison. Search the internet, and you will see that just as easy as I did. This product was mildly effective on my childrens hair, but we still had nits that persisted the second treatment. I have tried several formulas and these things are just a pain to get rid of. Natural products work too...maybe.