Purina Mighty Dog Thick-Sliced Chicken, Beef, and Tenderloin Tips Gravy Wet Dog Food Variety, 5.5 Oz, Case of 12

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Purina Mighty Dog Thick-Sliced Chicken, Beef, and Tenderloin Tips Gravy Wet Dog Food Variety, 5.5 Oz, Case of 12
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Mighty Dog® is uniquely formulated with a perfect balance of nutrients to help your dog be his mightiest.
This is Pepper. Pepper guards the backyard 24/7. Protein-packed Mighty Dog® food for small dogs keeps her going. We know Pepper. We know Small Dogs™.
Purina Mighty Dog Thick-Sliced Chicken Dinner in Gravy, Thick-Sliced Beef Dinner in Gravy and Tenderloin Tips Flavor in Gravy are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for growth of puppies and maintenance of adult dogs.
Tempting meals made with savory gravy. These are the kind of special recipes your dog deserves. Dishes that are beyond the everyday in taste.


Great Dog Food

Glad to find this dog food. Looks appetizing and they both love it. Up to my buying Mighty Dog they would not eat meat unless it was my dinner. LOL.


Ordering Might Dog 12 packs from WalMart website

My little guys enjoy Mighty Dog and we find it difficult to purchase the 12 pack in most stores including WalMart. Stroke of genius had me go on WalMart's website to search for the 12 pack Mighty Dog food. On the website it was possible to purchase all 4 variety packs of 12 cans each plus dog treats. Therefore, it was easy to purchase and the dog food was delivered 2 days after ordering. Really liked this way to order the 12 pack Mighty Dog and the girls are happy with the outcome.


No more small cans? You

Our dogs love these and would eat them at every meal but the Super Center has not stocked them for months. They were available online so no problem - just had to wait a couple of days.


Not only for small dogs.

I've always had large dogs, and since Mighty Dog has come on the market I have been feeding ti to all of my dogs thru the years. They all loved it, it doesn't upset stomachs, and it's easy to mix with the dry kibble.


Got Any Crackers to Go With It?

Lol, now that I have your attention my two little dogs love Mighty Dog. When I first got my dogs I went through trial and error to see what they liked the best without spending a fortune. Some feeds made them sick, some gave them diarrhea, etc. My dogs split one can mixed with Purina One Smart Blend. It seems to do the trick as the eyes, hair and nails appear healthy. In fact I never seen whiter nails on a dog until I started this mix. They went from a clearish white to a bright white. The dogs never get sick anymore. One is 13 and the other 14 and still get around great. It's important to feed your dog the same diet. Their digestive system doesn't adapt well to change. So don't think you are spoiling them with a buffet of feed. Stick to one good food. Mighty Dog is a good wet food to mix with a dry.