Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer Original 35.3 oz

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Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer Original 35.3 oz
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Coffee-mate Original Powder Coffee Creamer is a delicious powdered creamer that delivers the perfect blend of creaminess and sweetness without altering or masking the taste of your coffee.

Coffee-mate Original Powder Coffee Creamer:
  • Equipped with the rich original flavor
  • Lactose and cholesterol-free
  • Non-dairy to accommodate people who are lactose intolerant
  • The gluten-free coffee creamer comes in a 35.3-oz container with an easy-to-grip handle for added convenience
  • This Kosher formula is safe to consume year round
  • A smart choice for households with single or multiple coffee drinkers



i get it to day ago we buy it all the time my grandkids like it to my daughter like it to it the best



We don't go a day without it! Must have coffee every day but not without Coffee mate!


Quality plain delicious coffee creamer

I have used this powdered coffee creamer for more years than I care to admit. I drink my coffee daily using this plain, but rich dairy-flavored Coffee Mate - I will allow no other brand in my home. Occasionally when I'm having coffee at a friend's and they only have a cheap coffee creamer powder, it frankly spoils the moment for me. Don't you hate it when you are served some kind of mystery powder in a packet in a cafe? Compared to Coffee Mate, all the others have no taste and just color the beverage. I'm tempted to carry a small container of my Coffee Mate with me so I won't be so disappointed. True, there are some very nice exotic flavored Coffee Mates which I also enjoy, but for everyday enjoyment, this plain flavor cannot be beat. A bonus in this larger size is the nice plastic container - They are great for storing dry dog/cat food, lawn fertilizer and bird seed, etc in a more manageable amount.


Good creamer

It dissolves with a little stirring and it doesn't take too much .

Mary B

This 1 Star Rating is misleading for a reason

I absolutely LOVE Coffee-Mate and would truthfully give it a glowing 5 Star Rating. I use it every day, in every cup of coffee I drink and in any hot chocolate I drink also. I gave it a 1 Star rating because I need to know a legitimate reason it is not offered in the large, more economical sizes in the Lite version. I so want to stop using Coffee-Mate until it is offered in large sized Lite version however I would no longer enjoy my coffee and so instead I risk much higher cholesterol. I understand I am being fairly overdramatic, but in my defense, would anyone listen to me otherwise? I fear they would not. I also fear that it is not offered economically for financial gains for the company. That is the only logical reason I can come up with. I am also going to check that I would not recommend this product to a friend for the same reasons as listed above. Please start producing the Lite version of the powder creamer so I can continue to enjoy my coffee with a clear health conscious and give a truthful Star Rating in the future. Thank you.