Prince Lionheart Play Mat, City/Farm

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Prince Lionheart Play Mat, City/Farm
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The Prince Lionheart Farm Play Mat combines both entertainment and education for your child. This child play mat is designed to last through the developmental stages of your child. Bright colors and cute characters decorating the mat will engage your child both visually and intellectually. The farm play mat has plenty of room for toys and more to help your little one learn and play. The Prince Lionheart Play Mat will cushion and delight babies during tummy time, giving them a comfortable spot to learn to roll over, sit up and even crawl. This play mat for toddlers will also entertain youngsters for play time. Children will be able to search for hidden characters, count the creatures, sound out letters or master the rules of the road. The Prince Lionheart Farm Play Mat is durable, comfortable and will encourage young learners of all ages to engage and explore.

Prince Lionheart Play Mat, City/Farm:
  • Prince Lionheart mat provides a comfy place for tummy time, toddler time or family time
  • Dual sided: one mat, two adventures
  • Infant play mat has interactive illustrations to engage your child in imaginative play: all mats come with city on one side, your choice on the other
  • Folds like a map into take-it-with-you case (included) for easy on-the-go play
  • Water-resistant and easy to wipe clean; 71" x 79" x 5mm thick; 1.5 lbs
  • Making play time anything but flat
  • Helps to stimulate your child's imagination
  • Encourages young learners of all ages to engage and explore


Not as much cushioning as expected or advertised.

Specs on say said it was 51" x 71" x 5". I figured the 5 inches was a typo and it would be .5 inches (1/2") thick. It is less than 1/4 inch thick and provides far less cushioning than I would use for a child just learning to sit up, that falls over frequently...which is why I bought it. Ditto for a crawler. Head bumps to this mat are jarring, and I placed it over a carpet. On a hard floor this mat would be dangerous to any child that bumps its head in a tumble. WalMart should change the listing and state the accurate height (thickness) of this mat so customers would realize it is more of a floor protector than a child protector. Art is nice, finish is an interesting texture that is rough enough to provide some traction, and seems to be waterproof and washable, and it is huge. Better for older toddlers than those just learning to sit up on their own. I use it every day, but use other cushioning methods with it, to protect my 5 month old grandson when he topples over. Perhaps in a few months this will be less of an issue.


great for babies and hardwood floors

my 7 month old daughter was refusing to crawl and my mom kept insisting it was because she didn't want to crawl on our hardwood floors. I bought this mat based on the reviews of it working for that exact situation and I could not be happier. It turns out its a double sided mat, one side is a farm and the other side is a town with roads and buildings. My 3 year old son loves the town and we point at the buildings and talk about what they are. He also drives his cars on the roads. My daughter is now crawling and rolling all over the place. My dogs nails put a few "holes" in the mat but they don't go all the way through, they are overall unnoticeable and do not effect the functionality of the mat.


great for babies and hardwood floors

Great mat for a terrific price- vibrant colors and large size makes this a welcome addition to our grand babies fun! Yes, as others state it is not very thick, but I love that it’s washable and that it’s padding for safety


you get what you pay for

This is the cheapest playmat that I could find that fits my need for my 10 month old baby. It doesn't have good cushion, so it's only good to use for carpet. For hardwood floors, you may need to get a playmat with more cushion. I'm not sure what kind of material it's made from but the surface can be easily punctured. If you have a toy with sharp edges lying around on the mat and you don't pay attention and step on the toy, you can easily puncture through the mat exposing the foam interior. That was something I didn't know and originally I was hoping this mat could last a bit longer. I think I would spend more money on a better quality mat in the future.


Wonderful Farm and City Playmat

This is an awesome playmat!!! I was not expecting this large of a mat or such a durable one and am so glad I got this. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I got my two grandboys who are 3 and 5. I guess I didn't read the description well because I not only did not expect it to be so large- which is great- but I didn't realize that one side was the farm and the other side was the city! My boys have played with it every day and will continue to play with it for a very long time. It's like having a huge rug in their playroom and they can play with all different kinds of toys on it! WE LOVE IT!