Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray (HAP75-UC2)

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Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray (HAP75-UC2)
MSRP : $16.99

Sale : $12.44
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Non-smokers can sit and enjoy time with their smoking friends with the Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray. This piece is designed to absorb plumes from cigarettes and cigars as well as reduce the odor from secondhand fumes. This smoke ashtray is made with a specialized carbon filter that absorbs the smoke as the cigarette rests in the tray. Just plug it in while smoking to keep the room smelling better. It comes with a home adapter and can also be run on two "D" batteries.
  • Also operates on two "D" batteries (not included)
  • Replacement filter: HAPF7PDQ-U)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Battery operated
  • Tray is removable and dishwasher-safe


Used item

I ordered myself one because my grandfather smokes a lot of cigars, and when I went to pick it up about 2 days ago, it looked new, until I opened the box and it was disgusting inside as if someone has been using it for YEARS plus it doesn't even work! I'm waiting for my other purchases to be ready for pickup before I return it but don't waste your time going it online, if your going to get it go in stores smh.


Holmes smoke grabber Ashtray

It works really good but it uses batteries quickly 2 d batteries last 24 hours and those are energizers cant afford that! It will cost you more then the unit cost in one week buying batteries~Looking to see if you can order a electric cord.


Holmes portable is one of the best for price.

PROS - Inexpensive and it works. filters are relatively cheap and easy to change. Actually filters out the smoke, tar and odor. Comes in battery style and 110 volt style. CONS - Filters MUST be changed out often. Can not find the 110 version that is advertised. Entire unit must be replaced because of cigarette residue. This is a pretty good unit. Some things you can do to make it better are - Double up the filter. Dish washer will clean it, but it must dry for a long time and be lubed with WD-40. It's easier just to replace the unit. Just remember, it does do the job.


Excellent Product

I have purchase this item before and I am very happy with the item stops the smoke in a room, you must clean it, best smokeless ashtray I have found, Walmart is the cheapest for this item, you can also get the filters at walmart, I will continue to purchase this item,



This ashtray is a real pick of crap. The fan did not even work and pretty sure even if it did it wouldn't make a bit of difference in the smoke