Dentek Professional Oral Care Kit

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Dentek Professional Oral Care Kit
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Use the DenTek Professional Oral Care Kit to help get that “fresh from the dentist" feeling. Use the dental pick to get particles stuck between your teeth and the mouth mirror to ensure a throughout job. This DenTek oral care kit also includes a gum stimulator.

When brushing and flossing just aren't enough, reach for the DenTek® Professional Oral Care Kit that with softer-than-enamel tools for safe, at-home cleaning- Dishwasher-safe tools remove food and plaque, stimulate gums, fight bad breath, and whiten teeth- Includes stainless-steel pick and scaler for weekly use, hard-plastic scaler for daily use, rubber gum stimulator, and fog-free dental mirror


Works great for self cleaning of teeth!

I had a lot of Tartar buildup. I was able to use this with the help of my wife to clean our teeth ourselves. Regular brushing and flossing are always still required of course. But this can help you keep your teeth healthy especially if you cant afford to go to the dentist.


Easy to use and no breakage

I like this product. I use it on my son's teeth to clean what his brushings was not removing well. I have also started to use the product. I like it better than flossing although I still floss. The plastic massager helps work the gums and the other metal and plastic scrapers and picks do a good job in getting into small places.


Excellent do-it-yourself dentistry

These tools are so amazing! They have a soft rubber grip to them and a nice case to store them in. These are the perfect tools to assist in keeping your teeth cleaned.


Good for cleaning teeth before and also after dine

Very good Oral Care Kit for the house I use it almost everyday before and after meals even before and after brushing. Keeps mouth fresh and clean


Great product especially for the price..

Awesome kit to have but I'd recommend that you practice scraping with the plastic one before the medal one. I was bleeding a little cause I just grabbed it and went to fast. But awesome buy.