Equity 3" LED Alarm Clock

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Equity 3" LED Alarm Clock
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The Equity 3" Red LED Alarm Clock features big, red digits that are easy to read, even in the middle of the night. It has a large snooze button so you can squeeze in another few minutes of sleep before you get up for the day. You can adjust the brightness of the display to your personal comfort preference with a quick flick of a switch. It also features indicators that are fast and simple to read. The Equity alarm clock is AC powered and has back-up battery power to keep your alarm functioning at all times. It takes just minutes to program the clock's time and alarm settings.

Equity 3" LED Alarm Clock:

  • 3" red LED display
  • Hi/lo display brightness
  • Alarm with hi/lo setting
  • Easy time and alarm settings
  • Easy-to-read buttons
  • Large snooze button
  • Snooze function with 9-minute duration
  • PM and alarm indicators
  • AC powered
  • Battery back-up requires 9V battery (not included)
  • 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Digital alarm clock model# 30402


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Nice big numbers/loud/big buttons and easy to program.


Perfect for old eyes! Great price!

This is perfect. I couldn't read my old one because it was too small. I can read this one from across the room. You can see the difference in the pictures below. Using the same flashlight for reference. I can highly recommend it to anyone who is considering this.


Awesome lge numbers, battery back up, great price!

Awesome clock!! The picture shows the bright red numbers seen at the "high" setting...perfect for us to glance at across the bed over to the dresser with one eye open, and no glasses on...LOL. Easy set up thanks to the nice enclosed instruction paper. Requires 1- 9v battery only, as it has great battery back up in case of any power failure. Nice price too. It has all that I had hoped for, and it's a nice size too, not too bulky and not too small, just perfect in every way. Very pleased with it.


Awesome clock!

It is simple and has everything we need to have a bedroom clock. The EXTRA LARGE NUMBERS are larger than I expected (we ordered this online) - and just what we need~! We replaced an old clock radio with small numbers; and we could hardly see it through the night without getting out of bed and walking over to see what time it is. No Problem with this clock - ! We barely glance and have zero problems with these huge numbers! I was worried that it would be too bright but that wasn't any issue at all. We set it on the lower beam and it is just the perfect brightness! For anyone with not perfect eyesight; or aging eyesight; we would recommend this clock for all !!


Easy to See

My husband is legally blind without his glasses. He wanted an alarm clock he could see without having to find and put on his specs. This one fit the bill perfectly! The big buttons make it easy to set and the 3" numbers make it easy to see. His only objection is that the "low volume" setting on the alarm isn't really that "low". But I think it needs to be a little loud to work -- so it's OK. Definitely recommend.