Equity By La Crosse 12020 Analog Keywind Alarm Clock

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Equity By La Crosse 12020 Analog Keywind Alarm Clock
MSRP : $12.02

Sale : $11.29
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The durable Equity by La Crosse Analog Alarm Clock comes with illuminated hands and features a loud bell alarm. No batteries are needed, as the clock features a key-wound design. This gold alarm clock runs up to 30 hours on a single winding, making it highly effective when maintained. Protect any furniture you set it on with the protective base pad. Keep an eye on the time even in the dark and enjoy reliable alarm performance even in power outages.
  • Durable Metal Case
  • Loud bell alarm sound
  • Runs Up To 30 Hours
  • Key Wound-no Batteries Needed
  • Protective base pad prevents scratching


Good wind up clock

During the last winter storm our power went off. I decided I needed an old fashioned wind up clock to show the time and set for an alarm. You can definitely hear the alarm on this little clock. Added plus of glow-in-the-dark hands and numbers on the dial (3, 6, 9, and 12). It cost a few dollars more than I had expected but I couldn't find one in an area store. I used the free shipping to my local Walmart and picked it up late one evening.


The quality is better, but the accuracy is not.

Okay, first off, I would take this over the new Baby Ben/Big Bens any day of the week. The construction is metal, and the lens on the dial is of a sturdy plastic and the gears inside of it are aluminum as I believe, which is one great up for this product, whereas Westclox Baby Bens/big bens are mostly constructed of cheap brittle plastic with plastic mechanism inside of them. The downfall is that, as you're suppose to wind your clock a day, the same time each day, no matter how I adjust the regulator, it either falls a minute or gains a minute. Whereas Westclox Baby Bens/Big Bens, I got them to be accurate on the dot, though because of their poor construction, will not last long.


Not recommend

This product does not perform up to standard. Does not stay wound up to 30 hours as stated. Sometimes only 10 hours.


Not for elderly/arthritic fingers.

I bought this as a back up for when a power outage occurs. I had no idea that looking for a good old-fashioned wind up clock would be so difficult to locate. This was one of a scant few I found.. This clock is a bit difficult to figure out without the directions because everything is done with figures not words for control knobs. The control knobs are small and placed tightly together. Not recommended for elderly and/or arthritic finge.rs. This is a simple, basic clock, but doesn't seem very durable. How long will it last is a good question?.


Good clock for the price.

I just got this product not too long ago but so far so good it seems to be working just fine. It isn't as fancy as the more expensive ones but I believe it will do okay. When the electricity goes off, it still keeps ticking, and there's no batteries you have to replace either. A good buy.