Gerber Toddler Girl's Assorted Training Pants, 3-Pack

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Gerber Toddler Girl's Assorted Training Pants, 3-Pack
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The Gerber Toddler Girls' Training Pants help you to teach children to transition from wearing diapers to regular underwear so you can train them to use the potty on their own. It's made entirely from cotton to be soft and breathable for added comfort. You get three in every package to have enough on hand for convenient changes. These cotton training pants are easy to pull on and take off. You can wash them in the laundry with the rest of your clothes for easy care and cleaning. They come in a cute pink theme that's ideal for little girls. These units are absorbent enough to hold small leaks until your girl can make it to the toilet. They're durable enough to hold up to your child's daily routine. They're small enough that you can pack them up and take them with you wherever you go.

Gerber 3-Pack Girl's Training Pants:
  • Cotton Blend
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Gerber
  • Training Pants
  • 3 Pack
  • Pull On Style
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Available in Assorted Colors


The best training underwear

These are the best training underwear, in my opinion. I’ve purchased these for my first two, so with the third, I did no different. They are soft, wash well, and offer just enough stretch and support. The leg gussets are big enough for chubby toddler legs and they are about mid rise, so will not let little booty cracks peek. What I love best about these trainers is that they offer thicker material/layers in the middle so your child can usually make it to the potty without getting their whole outfit wet, granted they are aware when it is occurring. Meaning, if they piddle a little, recognize this, and hold the rest in to use the potty, then all you will likely need to do is put on a fresh pair of undies and not a new outfit. I use these trainers almost exclusively for the first year or two after potty training because I prefer to give my child the chance to have a little accident and not have a bigger one in flimsy, regular underwear. If you are potty training a child, these are the only trainers you should have. I don’t believe in disposable trainers because those act and feel just like disposable diapers. With these, your child will start to recognize there is something going on down there and they will find out that they don’t like being in their own mess (hopefully!).



My baby of 21 months started the potty training and I was searching for a training pants and these are prefect!! I just bought 1 pack of 3 because I wanted to see how they I am looking forward to buy another pack I think 6 are enough! My daughter loves them, they are very comfortable and have an absorbent lining that prevents minor leaks. I highly recommend this product :)


Training pants

Good quality merchandise.


Cute, soft, look comfy.

The training pants are cute, soft, look comfy, and are easy to pull up and down. I bought them for grandchild, I remember my children's training pants being thicker and more absorbent. Probably ok for child who is already used to going to the potty, but for starting out I would prefer a thicker (to absorb accidents quicker) pant.


a rare find

True training pants are hard to find these days, so I was very pleased to locate these. A value at any cost but Wall-Mart makes it even better with their budget conscious pricing. I will be ordering more asap.