JVC Bass Headband with Smartphone Microphone

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JVC Bass Headband with Smartphone Microphone
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The HA-SR185 has a colorful, seamless, foldable design featuring high-quality sound reproduction with 30mm neodymium driver units. It features a one-button microphone/remote, which is compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.
JVC Bass Headband with Smartphone Microphone:1-button remote and microphone for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android/BlackBerryHigh-quality sound reproduction with 30mm neodymium driver unitPowerful deep bass achieved with Deep Bass2-way foldable design for compact portabilityLightweight design for comfortable long period of use


Poor Quality Headphone

It is to bad that a company like JVC puts their name on these headphones. Within a few months the jack started to come apart where the wires attach. I salvaged it by putting some heat shrink tubing on it. About the same time the covering on the ear piece started to flake off. The only redeeming thing about these is the sound, which is acceptable. Look for something with a little better quality.


These headphones are awesome!!!!!!!!!

These headphones are awesome!!!!!!!!!


I underestimated these headphones

I expected tinny sound and low bass feedback. I got the exact opposite. The bass playback is enough to cause these headphones to vibrate, if that says anything. the sound isn't tinny at all either, probably caused by the vent at the bottom to help the acoustic quality. Great headphones, great first impression, recommended, and I'll definitely buy these in the future. great for the price.


Nice Full Sound, Affordable

I've always had good results with JVC headphones, including the in-ear JVC GUMYs. But at work I wanted a more robust headphone with better bass and outside noise-canceling capabilities to drown out nearby conversations. While this set does not completely encompass the ear, nor is does it list noise-cancelling as a feature, outside noise is reduced substantially. The base response is good and overall the sound is full and warm. I don't have to crank the volume to get nice sound. Overall I think these are excellent for the price.


These headphones are best 20$ headphones ever

These headphones sound really good they have good bass response and the highs and mids are clear and very good I thank they are better then beats headphones honestly I have had beats headphones before and looking back they were not that great if you need cheap headphones that sound really good then get these over any other headphones brands believe me you won't be sorry