Raid Max Bug Barrier Trigger Refill 30 Fluid Ounces

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Raid Max Bug Barrier Trigger Refill 30 Fluid Ounces
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Keep the bugs away with Raid Pesticide, Max, Refill. The pesticide does not have an odor, and is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It works to kill roaches, ants and fleas. This bug pesticide barrier is made to last a long time and will keep killing German cockroaches for up to 12 months.

  • Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 12 months.
  • Keeps listed bugs out.
  • Indoor-Outdoor.


Gets rid of crawly critters

Have used this product for a few years now. I spray my doorways inside and out. I have used it outdoors along the foundation, around windows and in the garage. Also inside the home in bathroom baseboards and under kitchen and bathroom sinks. In a day or two those critters are on their backs and all feet in the air.


Great product!

It really works. I usually have problems with ants. (I'm so sweet). After spraying this product throughout my home, I have not had a problem with them in the past eight months. When some of my neighbors moved at the same time, roaches seemed to invade my place, however they died almost immediately or were all gone within days. I really love this spray.


Great product

I decided to write this review for a few reasons. The first reason was all the one star reviews from customers expecting to spray a roach and have drop instantly. You might as well hit it with a shoe if that's what you are looking for. I have used this for about a year now and I have kept roaches out of my home this entire time. Its a great product and lasts a long time. If you follow the instructions you will have great results.


I like it

Not expensive, and just like it says -once it dries it is safe and the protection lasts a long time. I am very pleased with the results.


best i have gotten

i have problems with scorpions, spiders you name it. i spray this along the underside of the porch around the pillars of the porch and it works great! no more critters in the house. i spray once a week and more if it rains. this is the cats meow