Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger (1.5 Ounces, 4 count)

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Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger (1.5 Ounces, 4 count)
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Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger, 1.5 oz, 4-Count penetrates into cracks and crevices to kill bugs where they live and breed. It's powerful enough to keep on killing for up to two months. One 1.5-oz concentrated fogger can treats an entire room (25' x 25' with an 8' ceiling) eliminating ants, roaches, spiders and other listed insects. It's easy to use, simply set the unit down in the center of the room, activate it and leave. Make sure to keep out of the area for four hours after using the fogger. The package comes with a cut-out door hanger that you can label to let your family know when it's safe to enter again.
Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger (1.5 oz, 4 Count):Kills ants, roaches, spiders and other listed bugsPenetrates into cracks and crevices to kill bugs where they live and breedKeeps killing for up 2 months1.5 oz of chemicals per piece4 Raid Deep Reach foggers per pack


Works when used as directed

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger works as advertised when used as directed. Some homes are deeply infested and may require additional treatments. What I learned from experience: Insect eggs are not killed by Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger. Suggest using this product for controlling live insects then other products to manage resistant insects like gels, boric acid like Roach Pruf, and diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth looks like dust. It is created by nature so it controls nature (insects) when man made chemicals fail. For fleas - always wait a bit then use a product specifically designed to interrupt the life cycle of fleas. Flea foggers delay flea eggs from hatching. Because flea eggs are delayed from hatching, the new fleas die. Then wait a bit and treat the areas again. Always vaccum after treating for fleas. Immediately empty vaccum cleaner into a new trash bag and tie it tightly so fleas and eggs cannot get out. Try to empty vaccum cleaner outside or in bathtub. Immediately treat yard and wash bathtub. The goal is to break the cirvle of life. Roaches have a different life cycle. A dead roach will release its egg sac as it dies. When the timing is right - a lot of baby roaches hatch and can eat almost anything. Also roaches are bigger than fleas with millions of years of survival instinct. They know how to hide. This is what people are ecperiencing when they treat for roaches and the roaches dont die. Under-treating for roach infestations leads to resistant roaches. Stopping a roach infestation is a war. The concentrated fogger is only one battle. Think about it. The roaches that survive pass that survival trait to their offspring. This is why additional measures like gels, boric acid products, and diatomaceous earth products actually are best when applied first before treatment with the concentrated fogger. Roach run through the powder. One lady with a fully infested apartment refused to treat for roaches becsuse she worried her child would be poisoned. Hum - respiratory and asthsma triggered by roaches? Do you know that roaches transmit disease on their feet? Powders can be vaccumed. Another msn refused to use a fogger in a trailer home over run with fleas because his grandma had respiratory problems. Wonder what they thought grandma was breathing? You must open all cabinet doors. We remove all dishes and open boxes from cabinets. We remove all pets. We cover all aquariums and turn off pumps. These days we dont wait for an infestation to occur. We take preventative action. I keep this product on hand at all times. I used one today on a 10 x 16 newly built shed that was visited by creepy crawlies. I dont think so. Insects come from outside to the inside. If you do not feed them, they will die. Treat the outside too. If you live in an apartment, insist that the landlord treat the outside and other neighbors apartment. When we lived in an apartment, we made it unfriendly to roaches that tried to visit us. The concentrated fogger cannot do all the work for you. Insects have been around longer than humans. We can make other animals extinct but not fleas and roaches. Just in case you think rich people dont get fleas and roaches - think again. The can only has a small amount of liquid inside. The rest is a chemical air under strong pressure. The fog does not float well around corners. Consider corners when counting rooms. If you have a lot of stuff in your rooms, you may need morevthan one treatment. One treatment for exposed bugs then move stuff and treat the next round of hidden bugs. I have found that residual chemicals continue for several days. Please keep small children off the floor and dont let them put toys in their mouth that has fallen on the floor. Wash toys and bed linen before using again. I am unsure but i think this product kills dust mites - so wash bed linen. Use the fogging week as cleaning and refreshing tiime. Well - time to check on the shed. The product does not smell bad but dont be deceived. Fully ventilate rooms until that smell is gone.


Not great for fleas

I read the reviews and chose this product due to the high ratings. We are in central Texas and maybe the fleas here are a bit different? I have been vacuuming daily for a month and treated the house 3 times with 4 of the 4-count boxes...and still have fleas! We picked up The Ultimate Flea Trap which,sadly, proves the fleas are still here!! See photo. We have treated the pets and exterior perimeter of the house as well. Pets have been kept outside while we work to control this infestation. We have seen lots of dead sow bugs, spiders, red ants, and some very lethargic scorpions have come out of the woodwork, only to be vacuumed up before they died or recovered. I contacted Raid and they pointed out there is a specific Flea FOGGER in a purple box. We will try that.


Doesn't work

We used them every 2 day's for a solid 2 weeks. We purchased 2 boxes for a flea problem we had in our apartment. Used as directed, vacuumed, cleaned EVERYTHING afterwards still had the problem. Finally had to call an exterminator. Don't waste your money, the money back gurantee is a joke a rep contacted me back after 3 mos of complaining to recommend a spray they also had.


Works to kill Yellow Jackets

Purchased this after reading online that it helped to kill Yellow Jackets. Had a problem with a nest under my shed and taped one of the cans to a long stick (like a mop/broom stick) and once I took the tab off, placed it quickly under the shed at about 11pm. After about 3 seconds, you can hear them begin to buzz, louder and louder. After about 15 seconds, you can see a few of them coming from under the shed, climbing the walls of the shed until they dropped. After about 2 hours, went outside with a flashlight and all you see were dead yellow jackets.....hundreds, possibly thousands of them!!! Most were dead and just a few were still struggling but laying on their backs. We will do it again, just to make sure that they are all gone, and then we will get the nest and get rid of it so others from somewhere else won't come to try and take over. We tried everything and nothing else worked but this. Thank God!


Good Price - Works on Fleas!

I guess it was the warmer than normal winter that produced an infestation of fleas in my basement that I've never seen before. My normally outdoor dog only spent a few days in the basement, which is only used for storage such as an attic. That was enough to produce thousands of fleas. I had to go outside and brush them off my clothes whenever I went into the basement. I used this Raid Deep Reach Fogger, 3 cans in basement & 1 in kitchen, and another product to spray the yard. I can say that it eleminated at least 95% of the fleas! But because of all the little cracks, nooks and crannies in my basement I knew it wouldn'd kill all the fleas, I'll have to remove a lot of junk & do some cleaning, then another spraying/fumigating to get 100%.