Lasko 20" Box 3-Speed Fan, Model #B20200, White

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Lasko 20" Box 3-Speed Fan, Model #B20200, White
MSRP : $24.99

Sale : $18.88
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The Lasko 20" Box Fan creates efficient airflow to keep a home or work space cool and comfortable and dry out dampness. There are three quiet speeds to choose from. The metal frame is durable and the front grill and blades are removable for wiping and cleaning. Top-mounted controls provide quick and easy operation. A handle on the top allows this Lasko box fan to be lifted and carried to wherever it is needed. No tools are required for set-up or maintenance, adding even more convenience.
Lasko 20" Box 3-Speed Fan, Model #B20200, White
  • 20-inch blade diameter
  • Three quiet speeds
  • Easy-carry handle
  • Steel body
  • Top-mounted controls
  • Weather-resistant motor
  • Patented Blue Plug safety fuse technology
  • 21.5"L x 4.44"W x 22.56"H
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Cord length: 72 inches


Great box fan for the price!

This fan wasn't on stock at the local Walmart, so I bought it online and chose free store pickup. This fan is a small cyclone. Also this fan is great for those of us that like white noise for sleeping.


Buying my 4th one!

I have had 3 of these, use them throughout the house. The one in my 3 yr olds room finally gave up after 3 yrs, we use it every single day during her naps and night sleep mainly for white noise and to keep the air in her room circulating. So technically this fan has operated more hours in the 3yrs we have had it than most at an average of 13-15 hrs per day every single day since my daughters birth. The noise it makes is not a nuisance I can carry on a conversation next to it, but it is not silent, loud enough to drown out noise from connecting rooms so my daughter can sleep well. During the summer I put one at my back sliding door with the front door cracked and I makes it feel like fresh air is rushing in the whole house while the hot air gets pushed right out the front door, also do this upstairs by placing it in front of a window sitting in the window sill and have another window open to remove hot air. For the price it can't get better, stronger than the $47 tower fan I have for the family room (the only room I want a whisper quiet fan in)


Great for white noise, sturdy, priced right

So this is a pretty standard 5 blade box fan. I bought it to replace a different one that i had been using for white noise while i sleep. That fan broke. This fan is slightly louder than my old one was. I use the lowest setting and it's similar to having my other one on medium. It is not a quiet fan at all, so if that's what you're looking for this isn't the one for you. I personally love that it's louder... More noise blocking for sure. It also moves the air better than the other one, you gets lots of wind output with this one. They construction is sturdy. I run it pretty much nonstop day and night and so far no strange noises or change in function. I'd say that this is a pretty good fan, lots of white noise and a decent price. I'd buy it again.



Excellent White Noise even on Medium speed. Exactly what I needed. Great Air Movement, keeps room cool even when not on High!


Really good 20" Fans. Thumbs up.

For the price this fan is exactly what I was looking for. I need to help move colder air from one room to the rest of the house. People have said its too noisy, but how do you spin a 20" fan blade and move so much air without noise. Yes on high it is pretty loud. It definitely does consume much electricity. I measured the wattage with a plug in appliance current meter and found the following results: Low speed = 68 watts Med speed = 80 watts High speed = 90 watts As you can see it is about like a light bulb wattage. I bought two (2) and really like them.