Fresh Step Extreme Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter - Mountain Spring, 25 lbs

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Fresh Step Extreme Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter - Mountain Spring, 25 lbs
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Fresh Step Extreme, Scented Scoopable Cat Litter, handles the smelliest litter box messes with its scented formula.

  • CLUMPING LITTER: Fight litter box odors with the strength of Fresh Step Litter partnered with the power of Febreze in our easy to scoop, clumping clay cat litter in a Mountain Spring scent that deodorizes extreme cat litter smells
  • ODOR CONTROL CAT LITTER: Specially formulated for multi-cat litter boxes, this cat litter has a 10-day odor control guarantee with Ammonia Block Technology activated charcoal that traps and eliminates kitty litter odor
  • LOW DUST LITTER: For cleaner surfaces and clearer air, we developed a low dust formula with paw activated fragrance that's s released every time your cats use the litter box
  • SCOOPABLE KITTY LITTER: Make cleaning easy with the ClumpLock technology that absorbs liquid and forms tight clumps leaving behind no stinky crumbles
  • FRESH STEP CAT LITTER: Made for extreme litter box odors, this scented Fresh Step scoopable cat litter is created with your cats health and happiness in mind
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smaller packages for easier pouring

We really like the 34lb extreme Fresh Step litter for the smaller packages and for the quality! I have a touchy back, and being able to pour in one package into a larger litter bin we have instead of having all these extra containers and heavier packages to deal with is really great. I scoop the litter for our two cats every other day, and then add two new cup fulls of litter to the pan. The extreme scent is great for blocking odors and everyone that comes to my house can't tell I have litter at the bottom of the stairs. It clumps very well and almost immediately, so that also helps block the smell. It doesn't have a lot of dust either, which surprised me because most litters do, and it's awful. Our two cats love a clean box and run after I clean it. Great product! We also love the paw points program, which we can use to actually get another litter for free, or toys, or donate points to shelters who then buy what they need. I love all the options for paw points!


Extreme with Febreze

Unless there is two days worth of cat turds in the box I don't smell anything. It seams to work quite well. The clumping part of the litter works well except when my cat peas on the wall of the box and not in the center. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Our Favorite Litter!

After noticing the lack of effective clumping and the odor emanating from our litter boxes for our two kitties, I decided to try Fresh Step Extreme with Febreeze. I am SOLD!! I haven't even looked at another inferior litter product since. The litter clumps well. There is no odors coming from the box. Even when I have put off refilling the litter box, the scant amount that is in there continues to do it's job perfectly.


Fresh Step - Cat Litter

It does what the box advertises. I only have one cat so it meets my expectations and I do not need to clean the box as often.


Great for apartment kitties!!

We live in a small, one-bedroom apartment, and this litter keeps the box smelling fresh as can be! Multiple visitors have observed that if they didn't know better, they wouldn't even suspect that a cat lived with us! We now can leave another couple of days between scooping, and our Pooka even loves to watch us pour the litter in. There's negligible dust, and the scent is unbeatable - my fiance is sensitive to many perfumes, but has had no issue at all with this litter. We're sold!