Fresh Step Crystals, Premium Cat Litter, Scented, 8 lbs

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Fresh Step Crystals, Premium Cat Litter, Scented, 8 lbs
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Fresh Step Crystals, Premium Cat Litter is a long-lasting, lightweight premium cat litter with odor and moisture locking crystals.

  • One 8 pound bag of premium crystal scented cat litter
  • Crystal cat litter locks in odor and absorbs moisture on contact
  • Scented cat litter stops odor 5x better than regular clay litter
  • Lightweight cat litter crystals are easier to carry, scoop, and clean up
  • Small crystals are easy on cat's paws and minimize dust

Lizeth Torres

I love this product!

This product I been using for the past 4 years and it doesn’t leave smell, my cats love it!! I used to care for the tuxedo cat of my sis and he loves it too I call him my cat too and fight with my sister because I don’t like her yelling or treating him back besides my four cats he’s my baby too his name is Sylvester and I love him so much and well also my other sorry 5 cats not four I recently lost one but she is still with me with us me and my husband their names are: Sylvester, Hopey, Gordita, Negrita, Negrito and Tiger all of them besides my husband Evan belong to my family love them and we are very happy with this product!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Nothing but the best for the boys and girls

My wife and I adopted or should I say they choose us, a litter of 6 kittens 2 years ago. They are all inside cats so to keep the smell down and the users happy it takes a special kind of litter. At first we went cheap but we would have "accidents" on occasion. The dust on the generic brand would end up downstairs in a 2 story house and really we were only saving a few cents per pound of litter. After the switch to Fresh Step the dust has been dramatically cut and we have not had one single "accident". I know they all are satisfied since we have four litter boxes and six cats and they share or use which ever box hasen't been used or used the least. Also with the store bought brand if we didn't scoop at least 3-4 times a day we were just asking for trouble and inviting them to find another place to go potty. Now we easily get by with a cleaning in the morning and one at night before bedtime. What makes me happy is the cats seem content enough not do dig to "China" and getting the liquids stuck on the bottom of the litter box. That saves a lot of cleaning of the boxes.



My 2 cats are used to crystal litter because I used to use Scoop Away but stopped because it was too expensive. Now I use s regular litter box but with the Fresh Step Cystals and my cats and I couldn't be happier. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


This stuff RULES!

While I find it sad that my life has digressed to writing reviews about cat litter.... this stuff has made my life so much easier, as well as less messy and smelly. Cleaning the cat boxes now is less labor intensive, plus, one is only throwing out the waste, not 5-7 extra pounds of clumping material or clay. I had decided that all cat litter was, for the most part, equal. Not any more. I have two cats and three boxes. I use two bags and can last for 3 weeks between full changes. It is also lighter, making it easier to empty and rinse the boxes when replacing the product. I am a pretty cheap person, and detest spending money on things like cat litter. This is worth every single penny!


Wow you Can keep up!

I am a litter box expert as I have 25 to 30 rescue kittens. Through the years, I have used every cat litter available. Fresh Step Crystals is the best product for small fragile baby kittens. Most of my kittens are potty trained by 12 to 14 days. There is never product stuck between their toes. My house is odor and dust free! As a volunteer and retiree, I have to watch my spending. Fresh Step Crystals is the most economical litter. I am able to scoop and eliminate waste without dumping out too much product. The bonus is that Fresh Step Crystals bags are light and I am able to carry bags upstairs easily. Keep up the good work! Thanks! M Cork