Formula 409 Carpet Cleaning Aerosol Can, 22 oz

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Formula 409 Carpet Cleaning Aerosol Can, 22 oz
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Formula 409 penetrates deep into carpet fibers and safely removes dirt and odors.

  • One 22 ounce aerosol can of Formula 409 Carpet Cleaner
  • Stainblock technology for easier future cleaning experiences
  • Penetrates deep into carpet fibers to remove dirt and odors
  • Removes an array of stains from your entire carpet, leaving behind a fresh scent
  • For carpets you can be proud of, use Formula 409 Carpet Cleaner.


great carpet stain cleaner

This is great....i have used others...and they do ok on a fresh stain....409 does also will take out old stains...on plush and on berber! I love several cans at a time...cux I dont want to be with out it!! It says I can spray the whole area and when its dry, i can vacumn up and carpet will be clean....havent tried that yet but I am going to. I have kitchen it...and this is great!!


great carpet stain cleaner

Worked as advertised. Cleaned rug better than expected.


Formula 409 Carpet Ckeaner Aerosol Can 22 Ounces

This is hands down the best carpet cleaner I have ever used. No yellowing, sure to get stains out fast. Foam on, brush a little. No rinsing needed. Only have found it at Walmart so far.


Favorite spot cleaner

This stuff is my favorite cleaner to use on spots and stains. I spilled marinara sauce on my chocolate colored carpet and it took it right back up with no problems. The scent is fresh and delightful, and it's super cheap. The only downside is that I wouldn't want to try to use this can design on a whole room, but the cleaner would work great if you did. (And the can is nice enough to use for spot cleaning). They're not kidding with the "apply liberally" in the instructions though. Spray it on thick and let it work magic. Love!


Cheapest Carpet Cleaner @ Walmart

It works great. It does what the label says, lifts stains while leaving a light fresh scent. I always use it to get pet stains out of my cream colored rug under my book case. It is easy to vacuum up and dries quickly. It gets out all but the most insanely stuck in stains. I always keep a can in my house.