Suncast 72 Quart Food Storage Bin

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Suncast 72 Quart Food Storage Bin
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Keep a space neat and tidy with the Suncast 72-quart Food Storage Bin. It's made from durable resin that's designed for long-lasting use. The bin features a front flap for easy access to the contents inside and you can keep the lid open as desired. This container can hold up to 50 lbs of dog food or other items. It can be stacked with or without the lid to help you save on space. The Suncast storage bin is ideal for recycling, storing pet food, holding bird food and much more. Use it to help keep your home organized. It has a neutral color with a blue lid that easily blends with a wide range of decor styles.
Suncast 72-quart Food Storage Bin:Can hold up to 50 lbs of dog foodDurable resin constructionSuncast storage bin has an easy-access front flapFront lid stays open when desiredStacks with or without lidAssembled size: 24"L x 18"W x 17"HModel number: BH181812PHas a 72-qt holding capacityDesigned for long-lasting useHelps you save on spaceIdeal for recycling and storing pet food or other materials72-qt storage bin can help keep your home tidyNeutral color with blue lid


Durable, easy to use & stack

These are very durable and stack easily. No more ugly bags to tempt snooping dogs. They'll hold a 50 pound bag of dog food. While shopping, I couldn't find any of these in smaller sizes. It'd be great if they had a size for 35 pounds of dog food. That's really my only complaint though :)


Not good with stacking

I didn't even have 50lbs of dog food in them and it cracked the lids and made my dog food go bad. Made my dog sick :(


Does not seal

Its a good storage container - but a terrible FOOD storage container. There is a gap along the whole seam of the hinge, the top clicks to the tote but it sit's on it fairly loose - It doesn't even attempt to seal at all. Doesn't look like they intended to make this for food, maybe an afterthought marketing ploy? I got this for storing livestock feed but the food gets stale quickly. If you area looking for a storage bin the clicks shut, get it. If you're looking for something even remotely airtight to keep feed fresh, don't get it.


Great space saving product

We always buy in bulk so these containers helped with the dog and cat food storage. They aren't as airtight as other products, but cost 3x less too. Great product.


would not buy another one

The base is holds the dog food. The top is made so cheaply that it does not fit well and the pieces that surround the hinge have already cracked of from gentle use. I guess you get what you pay for.