Dat'l Do-It Global Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set 24 fl. oz. Box

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Dat'l Do-It Global Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set 24 fl. oz. Box
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Dat'l Do-It Global Hot Sauce Collection is the ultimate gift for the hot sauce lover! With 8 different sauces, your friends and family will have plenty of global tasting choices. Includes recipes that are quick and easy, but full of outstanding flavor!


Don't ship it!!!

Read a bunch of reviews prior to ordering in line, but chose to ignore all of them. Almost everyone said they received their order with broken bottles,but I was soooooo sure the problem was fixed. WRONG received my shipment with a broken bottle, and of course with hot sauce all over everything else.



I ordered this set as a gift and it arrived broken. Hot sauce got all over the other items I purchased poor packing no bubble wrap.



Overall, this is a great value. Many of the sauces I expected to be hotter, which they were not, but the taste of them is wonderful. Can't wait to use it on more of my favorite dishes.


Poor Shipping

I can't honestly review the product itself, because I never got a chance to use it. I ordered it twice and both time it has arrived with broken bottles and hot sauce spilled everywhere.



I had these sent as a gift to a hot sauce lover. They arrived broken in the box, with sauce and glass everywhere (he sent me a photo- it looked like a massacre in a box). They simply weren't packed correctly to make a trip in box in the mail. I should have heeded the other reviews who said the bottles broke during shipment-- you're better off buying these in store rather than having shipped...--- how do you return a mess??? Who wants to transport that in their car to a store for a return?? My recipient ended up throwing it away with no gift and I ended up wasting my money.