Nabisco Easy Cheese Cheddar Pasteurized Cheese Snack, 8 oz

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Nabisco Easy Cheese Cheddar Pasteurized Cheese Snack, 8 oz
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Kraft Easy Cheese, Cheddar, is a fun spread to squirt onto crackers, bread and other food items. It's made from real Kraft cheese for that distinctive flavor. This cheese snack provides an excellent source of calcium. You get eight ounces of cheese in each can so you can enjoy it for a long time. It's pasteurized for your safety and to last longer.

Nabisco Easy Cheese Cheddar:
  • Nabisco introduced Easy Cheese under the name of Snack Mate in 1966
  • Real cheese sauce is made from milk, whey, and cheese culture. Easy, source of calcium, real cheese, natural cheddar cheese flavor
  • No trans fat; good source of protein, Vitamin A, and calcium
  • Nabisco cheese is a handy, convenient way to snack on the go. Healthy snack, portable snack, travel snack.
  • This includes 8-oz can of Easy Cheese cheddar cheese snack sauce
  • Nabisco Cheddar Easy Cheese
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Pasteurized cheese snack
  • Made with real cheese


Shipped very quickly

It was it would be here in a week and a half came in 3 day. Very happy about that.


Still bad after all these years

I had not tried canned cheese in a very long time, and after tasting this cheese, I will NEVER eat cheese from a can again. This cheese has an unpleasant after taste, and I will stick to sliced or chunked cheese from the deli. Sorry, Kraft, but Easy Cheese is not Tasty Cheese.


Something changed.

The cheese doesn't taste the same like it used to. Almost tastes like imitation cheese.


My favorite

Worked great. Buy it every time.


kids love it!

perfect quick snack