Mead, MEA17208, Notebook Filler Paper - Letter, 200 / Pack

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Mead, MEA17208, Notebook Filler Paper - Letter, 200 / Pack
MSRP : $7.39

Sale : $5.9
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Mead Economical 16-lb Filler Paper comes in a pack of 200 sheets. It is three-hole punched for use with a three-ring binder. This white filler paper comes in your choice of wide-ruled or college-ruled. This Mead filler paper has blue lines, and a classic red margin rule.

  • Pre-punched edge allows instant organization into binders
  • College-ruled, double-sided pages offer ample space for notes
  • Heavyweight stock helps prevent tearing out of binders
  • Perfect for all your note-taking needs


Careless picker

I ordered the item on display for my daughter for school supply and someone who is not paying attention put something totally different from what I ordered and it's a lot of work shipping back for me. My daughter decided to turn it into her scrapbook.


Decent Paper

First, you need to work on your reading comprehension if you think you're getting 16-lbs of paper. The "16-lbs" refers to the density of the paper. In the USA, this means that 500 sheets of paper should wear about 16-lbs. Second, this paper is alright. It is rather flimsy due to the low density, but the lines are just the right combination of subtlety and presence--you can see it, but the contrast is great so you can see what you've written. I hate when the lines are too dark because it's harder for me to read my notes. Since this paper is pretty flimsy, the price point is a bit high, and the fact that they're billing it as "economical" is a joke. It's just ok. It's average. If the contrast matters to you like it does to me than it may be worth it. However, if affordability is your main point than look elsewhere.


It's good for basic notebook paper...

... but when it comes down to it, the only reason I purchased this one as opposed to other, less expensive types was because I was ordering it online, and other options cost more for shipping. Usually I go to the physical WalMart stores for school supplies! You can find packs of paper for $0.10! So paying 20 times more than what I usually would wasn't high on my list, but oh well.


It's good for basic notebook paper...

Hey guys. I hope this helps. Pros: 1. If you buy this filler paper online, then you could save yourself the hassle of shopping (checking price comparisons for similar products, looking around for other products). 2. If you travel by the bus, then it could cost you less to buy this paper online than to transport and buy this paper in the store. 3. The lines of this filler paper are moderately spaced for those who want to write more on any single page of paper. Cons: 1. This filler paper is overpriced and you could find filler paper that costs less. 2. The paper appears soft as if it could rip easily. 3. Filler paper is an option for those who move around paper in their binders. Because of number 1 in the cons, I do not recommend this product.


lined paper.

It's lined paper, what can be said. It is good for my 1st grade granddaughter's homework.