ROLA Vortex Roof Top Cargo Basket for Full Size Cars, SUVs and Vans, Black

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ROLA Vortex Roof Top Cargo Basket for Full Size Cars, SUVs and Vans, Black
MSRP : $179.99

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The ROLA Vortex Roof Top Cargo Basket is designed to fit most full size cars, vans and SUVs. Aerodynamically designed and built with durable steel construction, the ROLA Roof Basket for Full Size Cars, SUVs and Vans is easy to assemble, so you can just pack it up, start the car and go. Perfect for transporting camping gear, sporting equipment and more, this black Roof Top Basket frees up space within your vehicle, which you can use for packing other items. You can even use the ROLA Vortex Roof Top Cargo Basket to carry items locally while doing errands, picking up weekend project supplies or orchestrating a simple move across town.

ROLA Vortex Roof Top Cargo Basket for Full Size Cars, SUVs and Vans, Black:
  • Designed to fit full size cars, SUVs and vans that have existing roof bars
  • It allows for various items to be secured to the roof top of the vehicle, freeing up valuable interior cargo space for a more relaxed, comfortable travel experience
  • Perfect for camping trips and traveling to sporting events
  • Ideal for transporting flat boxes secured by a rope of bungee cord


Mounted on 2018 Honda Pilot

Heavy duty rack. I needed to make it slightly longer so it would line up w/ my non-adjustable Honda Pilot cross bars, so I drilled some alternate holes. It works great and keeps the roof bag off my panoramic window :)


Great rack and especially for the price.

Great rack and especially for the price. We mounted this directly to the top of our camper shell and it was easy. Love it!!


Great, but issues

I like this rack. It's low profile for a basket and seems strong. However, there are known issues on the web about rust. The rack comes 2 two pieces. If you're lucky, you get the newer version with rubber sleeves for the connecting tubes and rubber washers for the screws. That does help, but you need to do more. I would get a can of Rustoeum truck bed liner spray. It's the same stuff as they use on the outside of the basket. Spray it inside the tubes to coat it which can help prevent rusting from the inside out, which is the main cause of the rust on these baskets. Then use black outdoor silicone caulk, like the type you'd use on home windows, etc... to seal all screw holes (including the wind deflector) and the 4 tube seems. Check all welds for any holes/ openings where water may get in. It's a simple east fix that can save you alot of headache later on.


Great roof rack with two flaws

This is a great roof rack that fits well on my 2003 Toyota Highlander. The bars are heavy duty and it's about as low profile as I could find for a roof rack in this price range. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the assembly requires four rubber sleeves to be installed over the joint in the middle of the frame where the front half and back half join to keep out water and prevent rust. They were a pain to get on, but are worth it. It can carry a full load of luggage to a load of lumber. I would have given this five stars had it not been for two complaints I have. First, the paint coat is not great. I've already scratched through it in a few places, so I'll have to watch for rust. Second, the spoiler makes it hard to attach any tie down straps and cargo nets to the front of the spoiler because of the way it's attached. I'm sure it helps to reduce noise, but there has to be a better way to design it. Bottom line, I don't think you'll find a better cargo carrier for this price.


Quality build - looks great on Jeep Gand Cherokee

Got this for a Jeep Grand Caerokee and it looks really nice - the back end of the rack follows the lines of the back of the Jeep. Could say it's a factory look. Quality is nice and the finish seems durable enough. Can't say how it will look in a few years, but for now - and for the price - it is a great product and an incredible value.