Reese Explore Expandable Cartop Carrier

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Reese Explore Expandable Cartop Carrier
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pThe Reese Explore Expandable Car Top Bag allows you take extra gear along on a road trip while saving space inside your vehicle. It is simple and easy to use. This rooftop cargo bag feature straps that attach to the top of any vehicle with a roof rack, whether it uses side rails or crossbars. It will stay securely in place as you make your way to your destination. The water-resistant material protects against rain and other moisture, ensuring that your clothes and other important items stay dry. This rooftop bag is easy to load. It has an expandable zipper so you can increase the carrying capacity and pack it with a large amount of travel essentials. The extra space in the bag ensures a quiet ride and a better-looking alternative in rooftop storage. The straps are adjustable to ensure a snug and aerodynamic fit for the bag so your car experiences minimal added wind resistance./p
Reese Explore Expandable Cartop Carrier


Rails not required-3k miles in rain- no leaks

First off, this product is worth the money and highly recommended. My SUV rental (GMC Yukon) did not have side rails or cross bars and I was able to strap this thru the inside of the vehicle with no issues. Six adults luggage was stored in the car top carrier with the expandable portion unzipped and utilized. To attach to the top with no rails- I first purchased a set of ratchet straps at Wal Mart for about $19.00, i did not utilize the straps provided. I set the empty bag on the roof positioned between the rear doors, I loaded 3 large luggage bags on the bottom back and 2 smaller ones in front of them, I than loaded 2 bags on the top back and next filled other void space with beach towels and some blankets. I then zipped the bag closed and looped the ratchet straps through the bag straps and thru the inside of the back seats (again run the straps thru while the door is open- do not attempt to strap thru the rear doors with the windows down- doesn't work). I then tightened the ratchet outside of the vehicle and at the top of the bag. This method works- the doors will shut, no wind noise was evident and the straps was not a distraction for the adults sitting in row 2. I traveled 3000 miles with heavy rains (had to run the suv windshield wipers on high for :20 minutes and on intermittent for about 3 hours). No leaks in suv and some slight very slight water was evident inside the bag that seeped thru the zipper due to the Velcro cover lifted up while traveling. I could have avoided the slight water experience by making sure the Velcro cover was securely affixed.


worked great 80 miles per hour and pouring rain!

We took this on a 9 hour trip to myrtle beach we drove at speeds around 70 and 80 miles per hour we only have side rails on our luggage rack we have a 2012 pilot. we got the no skid mat for it for about 16.00 to protect the roof of the car. I got one very large and one medium suit case in it side by side and a large duffel bag in behind both of them 2 folding lawn chairs and a boogie board. that about maxed it out. i used only the 2 side rail straps and tightened it down and taped up the ends of straps so they would not flap around in breeze and fray. Poured rain for about a half hour and everything stayed dry... Well worth the money !!!


Best Product I Have Purchased in Years

I purchased this item for a family trip. It took only minutes to set it up, get the luggage loaded, and strap it down. It help 4 large suitcases and one smaller piece. During the trip I check the tie down multiple time, and the held up consistently each time. It allowed us to fit 6 people, and luggage, into a Ford Explorer.


Great cargo carrier!

The Reece car-top carrier was perfect for us. It really added to the storage capacity of the car when my daughter and I traveled across 4 states. It is easy to use; just lay it on top the car, fill it up, and strap it down. You definitely need at least 2 "rails" on the vehicle to strap on to though. We had front/back rails, but just tucked the side straps into the rear doors and it worked fine. The four cargo straps are plenty to tighten everything down. We didn't have any shifting, flapping noises, or sluggish "pull" on the car. We also loved the expandable zipper - gave that little bit of extra space to the back portion of the bag. When we stopped each day it was very easy to unstrap, unload the extra boxes and bags (into the front seats or hotel) and fold the carrier up and tuck it into the car until morning. One TIP - we had everything in 6-8" high plastic bins and those vacuum sealed bags, so they were easy to load and unload.


Worked great!

This worked great for me, frees up a lot of space in the car, I was actually able to see out of the back window! I was able to put all of the bags for my family of 6 up on the roof which normally takes up most of the cargo space in the back of my Dodge Grand Caravan. I drove through a pretty bad rainstorm and there was a little bit of water inside, but not a lot. Since it claims to be water resistant and not waterproof, I would say it holds up as advertised. Since rain was in the forecast & from reading others reviews on their stuff getting wet I had placed all of my bags inside of garbage bags, so everything stayed dry, but there wasn't a lot of water that got through, but some things would have gotten a bit wet. I had to stop a couple of times and cinch it down, I assume because things shifted with the wind so it then became loose. Great purchase for the price.