Sauder Storybook 4-Drawer Dresser, Soft White finish

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Sauder Storybook 4-Drawer Dresser, Soft White finish
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Brighten your child's bedroom or playroom decor with the Sauder Storybook Dresser. This chest features four spacious drawers for storage and a fun waved trim base that your little one will enjoy. It also features decorative curved details and solid wood knobs. Safety comes first with the easy glide drawers. Each drawer includes metal, easy-glide runners and safety stops. This soft white dresser easily blends in with most any decor. Because it is vertical and thin, it will fit in almost any space in your child's play area, leaving plenty of room for activities. In addition, this 4-drawer dresser has ample room on the flat top to display your favorite decorative items, such as picture frames, lamps, vases and more. This item can be used for clothing, games, toys and more.

Sauder Storybook 4-drawer Chest, Multiple Finishes:
  • 4 storage drawers
  • Drawers feature metal runners and safety stops
  • Curved details and solid wood knobs
  • Engineered wood
  • Assembly required
  • Sauder 4-drawer chest assembled dimensions: 30.125"W x 17"D x 42.625"H
  • Models 416407 & 420850
  • For additional questions, contact the manufacturer at 1-800-523-3987
  • 4-drawer dresser has plenty of vertical storage


Great Find; 4.5 star material

For starters I have been looking for a drawer for at least 2 weeks online at many different sites. The fact of the matter is that you will not find a very very very good drawer for cheap. I found this drawer in store for 99 dollars, and the floor model was sturdier drawer-wise than Sauder's other 99 dollar drawers. This drawer is made out of compressed wood, but happens to be quite refined so not many of the unfinished edges are jagged. It can handle 20 pounds per drawer and 30 pounds on top. The insides are nicely finished but the bottoms are made of refined wood fibers. Which is just another fancy way to say fortified cardboard. HOWEVER, the drawer's design and bottom support ensure the drawers will not sag. Basically this is a 150 dollar drawer with a lower price tag. Even 139 is a good deal, but you may want to check out Ameriwood drawers or your local Walmart to see if they have THIS drawer for cheaper (they may be in the back storeroom, so ask an employee to look for it by giving them the skew number or UCP or whatever it's called). Construction was easy, but I recommend having two people. Be gentle with it until you get the entire outer part stabilized. Also, if the drawers kind of stick when you are pushing them in or pulling them out you should try tightening the screws that hold on the gliders/sliders. Good stuff! The finish is nice to look at and a bit tougher than Mainstays finishes, but you should get a mat or runner for the top anyway for added protection and flare. Lastly, the drawers will have slight gaps between each other. THIS IS GOOD! It means the drawers will glide out easily without scuffing each other. I spent a good 10 minutes rearranging the 4 drawers to have as little gaps as possible. It looks wonderful! My only beef is with the handle/knobs for the drawers. They are nice and made of wood but I would've preferred a standard handle. But for the price I paid, I can get over it! In the picture with the open drawer that plastic folder is about 12 inches long, so there's enough room for 3 folded stacks of clothes. I can fit two thick insulated hoodies, two medium hoodies, and a beach hoodie in one drawer without cramming them in. I suggest getting Ameriwood 6 drawer dresser if you don't have any closet to use, though.


It’s an ok piece of furniture

Dresser is not the best quality. It feels like I bump into it with something, it will easily make a dent or mark. I bought it secondhand. There’s chips of missing wood and scratches. It’s perfect for a child’s room but for me, it does the job done until I can find one that suits me better.


It’s an ok piece of furniture

I was really excited to get this dresser for my daughter. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged and it was already half put together before we noticed. Thankfully its only a small chip, but I'm extremely disappointed. Additionally, the directions are not very easy to read and it is rather difficult to assemble.


My daughter's room.

I bought this chest of drawers for my daughter's room. It's a very cute piece of furniture and pretty good quality for the price. My husband put it together fairly quickly, which surprised me based off of some of the reviews. He probably would've gotten it done faster if he wasn't binge watching "The Flash". Lol! I changed out the drawer pulls to make it a little more girly and cute. That took it up another notch! Great buy!


Quality, Affordable Dresser

This item is a great piece of furniture. As with every "assemble it yourself" piece of furniture I have bought that was made by Sauder woodworking, this unit is fantastic. All you do is follow the directions carefully and in about an hour and a half you have a great looking and very sturdy dresser. You just can't beat the value for the price.