INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

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INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
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Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Dmm
Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Dmm


Outstanding value

Better than my expectations. 1st auto-ranging multimeter I've owned ,and I'm impressed. Compares favorably with the VERY expensive Fluke meters I use at work. Price makes this an obvious choice... look no further.


Good Meter for the money

This meter seems very accurate. Its the first meter I have ever owned that actually reads zero on the ohms scale when you touch the leads together. It seems well built and has very nice leads. Might be a little slow switching ranges but not overly slow.



Excellent product for the money. Easy to use.


good value

this meter will do fine for most people. very good price. don't worry that the display acts weird when probes are not taking a reading. it is auto-ranging, so it is looking for a voltage at all times. recommended.


Ideal shopping experience

I give an "excellent" rating to all the rating criteria because everything from product browsing, descriptions & specs, purchasing, to shipping speed & cost was positive. No negatives or caveats. BTW, the Equus 3320 multimeter is the only multimeter on the market that is flexible enough, simple enough, AND inexpensive enough to use solely as an all purpose, all variety battery tester - from 1.5V button batteries to 12 and 24V vehicle batteries. All other battery testers are either much more limiting and/or difficult to use and read, or much more expensive. I got it for my in-laws to use so it has to be easy to use. And, of course, it is a multimeter and can thus be used for more than just battery testing. Hopefully the product longevity will be good also. So far I consider the product to be very good.