Vanity Fair Everyday Paper Napkins, 300 count

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Vanity Fair Everyday Paper Napkins, 300 count
MSRP : $16.98

Sale : $4.97
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Serve your guests in elegant style with Vanity Fair Everyday Napkins. They are disposable, yet they have a cloth like feel and look for added style. With an embossed Monterey shell design, they are fancy enough to be used for formal meals but are still suitable for casual meals as well. They are soft to the touch but thick and absorbent, making them extremely durable. Dress up your meals or impress your guests at your next gathering with these stylish napkins. They make cleaning up a breeze and can be used for occasions such as weddings and baby showers. The Vanity Fair napkins come in a large pack so you will have plenty on hand.

Vanity Fair Everyday Napkins:
  • 2-ply napkins, 300-count
  • Vanity Fair napkins are embossed with a stylish Monterey shell design
  • Thick and absorbent
  • Suited for everyday meals and snacks
  • Soft to the touch
  • Bulk pack of dinner paper napkins
  • Elegant design makes them well-suited for use at formal occasions
  • Cloth-like feel and look


Definite 5 Star rating because...

I've been buying napkins for years from Walmart; however, I always went with whichever ones were on sale or rollback.....until now. I just finished up a pack of napkins from another, very popular brand. I had 3 left in my napkin holder. This pack arrived and I added them with the last 3 of the others. Oh my, WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE. The Vanity Fair napkins were bigger, much softer and much more absorbent. I couldn't believe the obviously noticeable difference. I will no longer purchase any other brand. Here are the things I can do with Vanity Fair napkins that I just can't do with any other: wipe my grandson's nose, wipe my or his face, use on a big liquid spill. With ANY other napkin, I have to use at least 2 while enjoying a spaghetti and very saucy dinner. Not so with these. Just one napkin (Vanity Fair, of course) does the complete job! I highly recommend.


Best Napkin Ever!

This is my favorite daily use napkin. I keep them in the kitchen and they are used for dining and minor clean-ups. I have used Vanity Fair Napkins my entire life. I was introduced to them by my Grandmother who used them all my life. My mother uses them, my sister uses them - my whole family uses Vanity Fair Napkins! Thank you Vanity Fair for providing and consistent quality product. Thank you WalMart for providing them at an affordable price and via mail order for homebound buyers such as me - a recovering cancer patient.



I've been using only these for a long time. Very strong, very soft and a really nice large size. The only thing I don't like is WalMart keeps raising the price of these. I paid $4.74 and then all at once, they jumped to $4.98. LOVE THESE. I will only use this brand. Remember, like I said...they are great for noses...haha JudyK/Iowa/OK



the best. these are the only napkins allowed in my house. yes i'm a napkin snob lol they are very durable can be used for any occasion. if you can love a napkin, i love these. 1 goes a long way. soft, strong, pretty, thick. i spilled bbq sauce grab a single napkin it wiped it up like a paper towel.


Not Paper Thin

If paper products get any thinner they would disappear! Vanity Fair napkins are more substantial than most other napkins I've used. .A bit pricey but will last throughout the meal..