Dixie Everyday Lunch/Light Dinner Paper Plates, 144ct, 8.5" size

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Dixie Everyday Lunch/Light Dinner Paper Plates, 144ct, 8.5" size
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5 layers & 50% stronger  than the leading comparable store brand paper plate.  Dixie® everyday plates and bowls are versatile and affordable, so you can focus on your day and not the dishes.
  • 144 plates per pack
  • 8.5" size paper plates
  • Microwavable, Cut-Resistant
  • SoakProof Shield
  • Ideal size for lunch and light dinner meals


Quality is GONE

UNREAL!!! They've "reinvented the wheel" and FAILED miserably. Used DIXIE for decades, but no more. They've become garbage. The standard norm for paper plates is the have a raised, curved grip edge all the way around, with the outside edge ending that curve. That design maintains the integrity of the strength/resistance to bending against a load (food on your plate). The redesign changed that outer curved edge. It now has a flat "flange" around the entire outer edge that has drastically REDUCED THE INTEGRITY and strength of the plates. Plus, it's ugly.


Very disappointed.

I have used Dixie products for years with absolute confidence but my last purchase of Dixie 3oz cups left me seriously considering my future purchases. The cups are Dixie Everyday 3oz cups proof of purchase #420004300 and every one of the 200 cups leaked around the seam between the sides and bottom. I’m only glad I didn’t put anything except water in them. I hope you are able to get this flaw corrected or this will be my last purchase.


We use Dixie paper plates and cups every day!

Love the plates, cups and Vanity Fair napkins.what I do not like is your coupon site. I have spent more time trying to get your coupons printed and it is not working. I am 75 and not stupid but this site is impossible to download. I have a MacBook and are at my wits end as coupons help me budget my available cash.


Perfect paper plates I use everyday

My family uses these products everday for meals and snacks. I recommend Dixie to all my friends. I would love to receive some coupons for dixie.


great for everyday use

We use Dixie paper plates on a daily basis. They hold up great and have a great design.