Dixie Everyday Lunch/Light Dinner Paper Plates, 144ct, 8.5" size

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Dixie Everyday Lunch/Light Dinner Paper Plates, 144ct, 8.5" size
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5 layers & 50% stronger  than the leading comparable store brand paper plate.  Dixie® everyday plates and bowls are versatile and affordable, so you can focus on your day and not the dishes.
  • 144 plates per pack
  • 8.5" size paper plates
  • Microwavable, Cut-Resistant
  • SoakProof Shield
  • Ideal size for lunch and light dinner meals


Quality is GONE

UNREAL!!! They've "reinvented the wheel" and FAILED miserably. Used DIXIE for decades, but no more. They've become garbage. The standard norm for paper plates is the have a raised, curved grip edge all the way around, with the outside edge ending that curve. That design maintains the integrity of the strength/resistance to bending against a load (food on your plate). The redesign changed that outer curved edge. It now has a flat "flange" around the entire outer edge that has drastically REDUCED THE INTEGRITY and strength of the plates. Plus, it's ugly.


Durable, reliable, sturdy and convenient....

I spend so much time washing dishes in my house, that I miss time bonding with my family. I LIVE on using the durable, reliable plates, and bowls from Dixie. I will not buy any other brand.


Dixie everyday 3 oz. bathroom cup

I bought the Dixie everyday 3oz. bathroom cups and as soon as you fill them it all leaks out the bottom of the cup.


Good paper towel

I go buy some more i love this. Product i recommend


I only use the 10 1/2 paper plates and they're A++

My husband and I use them frequently so we don't have to wash dishes and for snacks and for sandwiches etc.