Summer's Eve® Cotton Breeze® Body Powder 8 oz. Bottle

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Summer's Eve® Cotton Breeze® Body Powder 8 oz. Bottle
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Cotton Breeze Feminine Powder makes it easy for you to care for your intimate areas. It absorbs moisture, which can cut down on irritation and itching. This hypoallergenic powder is free of irritants so it's gentler on your skin. It's tested by gynecologists for safety so you can use it with peace of mind. It neutralizes odors and leaves behind a lovely scent. The smooth texture is more comfortable against sensitive skin. You can apply it directly to your vulva or put it inside your underwear.
Summer's Eve Cotton Breeze Powder:HypoallergenicGynecologist testedLight, fresh scent8 oz of Summer's Eve powder per bottleNeutralizes odorAbsorbs moistureSmooth formulaFree of talcAlso available in other scentsFor external use onlyApply to vulva or underwearUse after bathing


A summer must have

The cornstarch in this makes it nice and light for when you need to dust those areas that sweat the most...unlike baby powder which mixes with the sweat this prevents it and keeps you nice and dry and smelling like a lady not a baby..


The Best powders ever

These powders are wonderful. Not only for women, but also for men. It works overnight and will make a believer out of anybody. Just make sure and get the cotton breeze scent. I found out that most stores only carry the sporty fresh scent and it does not work the same; it is not near as good as the cotton breeze.


Love The Breeze!

Tried others, this one is the best. This product delivers. I work in office that goes from hot to cold and sometimes end up sweating a little especially when I wear my snug jeans. This product will keep you dry and smelling fresh all day. I always buy two to keep from running out. Try it, you will wonder how you lived without it!


Great powder!

Just a great overall product! The scent and texture is light yet keeps you dry. I use in intimate areas and it does the job. Even found to help with moisture pre-deodorant - especially during the summer works great!


Great talc

This talc is wonderful. Can be used after showering and is fresh and non sticky.