12-Volt Rideamals Scout Pony Interactive Ride-On Toy by Kid Trax

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12-Volt Rideamals Scout Pony Interactive Ride-On Toy by Kid Trax
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Meet Scout, a Rideamals toy from Kid Trax, a child’s new play pal! This adorable pony pal combines battery-powered ride-on toy fun with real interactive play, thanks to fully motorized eyes, ears, head, and wheels. Kids can hear munching noises as they feed Scout a tasty treat, watch the pony’s ears move as they brush its mane, take Scout for a walk, and, of course, ride Scout! Children can go for a musical pony ride with two forward speed settings and one reverse speed; Scout can travel at up to four miles an hour—all while songs or pony sounds play in the background. Scout a Rideamals by Kid Trax comes with a grooming brush, carrot, apple and saddlebag. Scout also comes with a rechargeable 12-volt battery and charger and is easy to recharge with the One Step Direct Connect charging system. Rideamals Barn Play Tent and Pony Show Accessory Kit sold separately. With over 100 unique sounds and movements, including a special dance, Scout will create magical memories for your family.
  • Over 100 unique sounds and movements ensure that every playtime is different from the last.
  • Fully motorized eyes, ears, head and wheels make Scout come to life!
  • Interactive fun for boys and girls: Feed it, brush it, pet it, walk it, ride it or dance with Scout. Over 100 unique sounds and movements.
  • Includes: Brush, apple, carrot, saddlebag, 12-volt rechargeable battery and wall charger
  • Power Trax Rubber Traction Strip Tires keep the ride smooth and steady
  • One Step Direct Connect Charging System makes it easy to keep the fun going
  • Walk or Ride: Scout can trot (3.5 MPH), gallop (4 MPH) or go backward (3.5 MPH). Sit in the saddle, hold the reins, pick your speed and you're on your way!
  • Feed or Groom: Kids can hear munching noises as they feed Scout a tasty treat. Scout's ears move when its mane is brushed.
  • Pet and Hug: Scout will respond with different movements and sounds when you pet its nose and cheeks.
  • Walk: Pull the reins in front of the head and press the button to get Scout to trot along behind you.
  • Dance: Press the horseshoe button and Scout will prance with you! Just make sure you're standing in front of Scout to see the awesome moves.
  • Kid Trax Rideamals Pony Barn Play Tent and Pony Show Accessory Kit sold separately


She loved it!

I received Scout Rideamal in exchange for reviewing the product. My daughter loved the pony! She had a lot of fun. I do feel like it was somewhat challenging to put together out of the box. Other then that, I wish they made one my size because she looks like she really enjoys it.


Cute and fun

The Rideamals Scout Pony is so much fun! My daughter is 3 and her pony, whom she named Cookie, has become her best friend. She really enjoys taking Cookie for walks and brushing her fur. She also loves to feed Cookie. We did have a small issue with the apple though, if you break it in half, it can get stuck in the horses mouth. I was also uncomfortable with the speed. I feel like to goes very fast for a 3 year old. It may be good for a bigger child, but to me, it’s too fast for my daughter. Also, she had to stand really really close to the front of her horse to get it to “dance” with her. So she doesn’t dance with her horse often because it’s too difficult for her. But other than that, she loves playing with it! It was really simple to put together and the battery lasts a long time, which is a plus for parents. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.


Wish it went slower

Super cute. Bought this for my 2 1/2 year old son who loves horses. I wish it had a little lower speed setting, the slowest is goes is 3.5mph. That doesn’t seem fast in a vehicle type riding toy, but it is on a horse where the child needs to balance. Makes lots of noises and movement for more indoor play. Definitely too fast to ride indoors. Hard to steer.



I wanted to love this, it really is a fantastic idea. This is NOT a paid review, I bought this from Walmart online. This thing is impossible to steer/maneuver. It pretty much just goes on its own any direction with no real understanding how it decides that direction. I had to micromanage my son and unfortunately wore flip flops while doing so and the back wheels/hooves tore up my toes, shredded them actually. It's too fast to use indoors so we were in the street, paired with the fact that you can't control it as well as about half the time you can hear the wheels trying to move but they dont....I firmly believe they haven't worked out all the kinks and its dangerous. It needs rounded edges under the feet, a sensor to detect when it's about to collide with something and predictable/functional steering mechanism. Getting it to dance took a while because it only does so if the bridle is in one specific position...Sad this didn't work out.


Great new toy!

We received the kid Trax rideamals pony for free and it was a perfect fit in our household of 3 girls- twins ages 4.75 and a 2 year old. It arrived in a large box, but assembly was simple and only requires approximately 3-4 steps. The one thing that tested our patience was the required 10-12 hour charge for the battery. Thankfully when my girls woke up the next morning it was ready to go! While my 2 year old is too small to ride the horse, she can interact with it in many ways. She can comb its hair with the brush provided, feed it the food it came with or dance with it! My 4.75 year old twins love these features too, but are becoming adept at riding with its 3 “speeds”- reverse, trot and gallop. It definitely goes as fast as the popular ride on cars, but being an animal makes it more interesting and unique in my opinion. We ride it quite often and haven’t had to recharge it yet. It’s a bit too fast and large for indoors, but we ride it in our cul de sac and up and down the street. It’s strong enough to make it up a slight incline as well. Overall we’re excited to have this new toy- I think it’ll be the hottest toy this holiday season.