Downy Ultra Infusions Liquid Fabric Conditioner, Botanical Mist, 48 Loads, 41 fl oz

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Downy Ultra Infusions Liquid Fabric Conditioner, Botanical Mist, 48 Loads, 41 fl oz
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Bring out your serene side with the elegant scent of Ultra Downy Infusions Botanical Mist Liquid Fabric Softener. Downy liquid fabric softener is formulated to leave your fabrics soft and protected for exceptional clothing care.

Downy Ultra Infusions Liquid Fabric Conditioner, Botanical Mist, 48 Loads, 41 fl oz:
  • Touch-activated scent leaves long-lasting freshness
  • Infuses fabrics with a botanical, watery-fresh scent
  • Conditions clothes to help prevent stretching, fading, and fuzz
  • Keeps clothes looking newer, longer
  • Compatible with HE machines


Downy and Shipping

My major issue is with the shipping. I'm sure the Downy will work fine as I've used it for years. My issue is a lost a majority of the product. The box was wet and when I pull out the product, of course, it spilled. The box, I think, allowed for to much movement and had no bubble wrap to keep the product stable.


Downy infusion

Oh how I loved this product. My husband has mild sensitive skin. It didn't seem to bother him but I didn't use too much with his clothes. My scrubs and our blankets however feel sensational! I used this product with the recommended amount, not only does it make your clothes feel great it smelled amazing! After doing laundry my daughter came into our room and sprawled out accross the bed and was literally smelling the comforter. I laughed so hard. This is not a smell I would have usually gotten but I'm glad to have tried it. This has become one of my favorites! I cannot wait to continue use in our home. Shared with my sister in law who couldn't stop taking in the softness of the towels. She is also very happy to start using this product regularly. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Laundry Life Changing!

I’m just going to jump right in about the best part of this product; IT SMELLS AMAZING. The scent is somehow both clean, yet feminine. But not so much so that you can’t use it for everyone’s laundry. It’s so perfect for washing bedding. It leaves them smelling fresh for two weeks! As far as a fabric softener, I’d say the function is similar to that of its liquid counterpart. It’s truly the long last abilities of its scent that sets this product apart. I have placed approximately 20 little bits in a mesh bag and hung it in my car and now it smells amazing too. I don’t know that I’ll use this one every load, but it’s something I plan to keep on hand for bedding for sure! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Fresh, Sweet smelling laundry!

After trying this product on my laundry, and then wearing my clothes the next day, its literally a game changer for my laundry! I got dressed in the morning and could instantly smell the fresh scent from the fabric conditioner. I thought to myself, I don't even need to wear perfume today as my clothes already smell wonderful! The scent lasted all week on all my laundry also! The bottle has a great design shape to it as well which makes it easy to hold onto as I pour this sweet smelling fabric conditioner to work its magic! Downy has really outdone themselves and has definitely found a new customer! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Lovely smell

I love this fabric softener, mostly because of the scent. It is very fragrant but in a way that is not at all off-putting and instead smells very clean. The smell lasts much longer than I expected and is enjoyable and noticeable even days or weeks after the initial wash. I honestly found myself wanting to wash everything I own, even if not dirty, so that it could smell this nice. It is particularly great for sheets and towels, but I like it on my regular clothes as well. Everything feels nice after being washed as well, but I think the scent is the reason to buy it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new fabric softener. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]