Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent, Refreshing Breeze, 89 Loads 138 fl oz

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Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent, Refreshing Breeze, 89 Loads 138 fl oz
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Experience the right clean at just the right price with Tide Simply Clean and Fresh, Refreshing Breeze. It has 2X the Baking Soda Power (1) to target tough odors deep in the fibers of your clothes. You only need one dose per load and there's no pretreating necessary. Refreshing Breeze is infused with floral, fruity and woody notes for a fresh, clean scent in every load. As part of the Tide family, you can expect a consistent, quality clean from Tide Simply Clean and Fresh. Tough on odors and easy on your wallet, it gives you the results you're looking for. 1. Stain removal of 1 dose vs. 2 doses of leading detergent with baking soda in a standard top loading machine

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent, Refreshing Breeze, 89 Loads 138 fl oz:

  • Tough on odors, easy on your wallet
  • 2x the power of baking soda laundry detergent*
  • Cleans fabrics in just 1 wash with no pre-treating required
  • With a more concentrated formula, you get more cleaning agents and less water in every drop. *vs. previous formula
  • Works in laundry loads for both HE and non-HE washing machines


Simply clean&fresh tide

I love tide no matter what kind but I really love the price when I order it to pick up in the store it is half the price in store



Great product


Clean & Comfortable!

I’ll admit that I had my doubts about trying a new laundry detergent. You see, my four year-old son has eczema, so I have to be very careful about what detergents we use or he gets really itchy from his clothes. But when I saw that Tide was releasing this product, I just had to give it a try. I am so glad I did! This Tide Simply Free & Sensitive laundry detergent works great on the tough stains that my kids get on their clothes from spending their summers playing outside in the backyard! It cleaned them so well, and left the colors bright, the whites white, and left our clothes feeling ultra soft when they came out of the washer, even before they were loaded into the dryer! I’m happy to say that my son hasn’t had any issues with his clothes irritating his skin! We love it so much that we are going to make a permanent switch to this detergent! Tide has always been a brand that I trust, and now that they’ve got the Tide Simply Free & Sensitive, I can go back to being a steady consumer of their products. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Free and Clear

My mom used Tide growing up so when I was looking for some laundry detergent for cloth diapers I was surprised to see how many chemicals and irritants are in the regular Tide. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to try Tide’s free and clear! I wanted to see how it stacked up against other more natural detergents. I have had some “natural” detergents leave my running clothes stinky and so I was glad to see that this Tide did not do that! My clothes came out clean but without fragrance. Some of my family members can be sensitive to certain ingredients and fragrances but no one has had an issue with us using Tide free and clear! I haven’t been able to try it on my cloth diapers since I don’t currently have any children in them but will be curious what other reviewers say. I would love to see a concentrated version of this since I love a smaller bottle with a smaller environmental impact. All in all, though, I’m happy with this version of Tide! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Awesome All-Around Detergent!!

I tried Era around this time last year (the flowery scent) and honestly, it's THIS stuff in a Tide bottle. Era is marketed for heavy-duty stains, grease, oil, mechanics, chefs, etc. I recently picked up the Clean Scent at walmart and took a whiff and was like 'yayy, its back!!'. This stuff is awesome if you're looking to clean both colors and whites. I like to line-dry my clothes and this stuff NEVER gives me dingy clothes cos it dries so clean. I recently also tried the Tide sport, however noticed when line-drying that the Tide sport left a dingy smell, I had to re-wash. I have noticed that higher-end detergents have chemicals that CLING to material and make it harder to dry them, resulting in that dingy/mildewy smell. I haven't had that problem with this Tide, or even Purex, Arm and Hammer detergents. The scent of this Tide is strong, but that's how I like it.