Tide ColdWater Laundry Detergent, Orange, 1 / Bottle (Quantity)

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Tide ColdWater Laundry Detergent, Orange, 1 / Bottle (Quantity)
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Liquid detergent provides a deep clean using cold water to help you cut down on energy costs. Stain-fighting ingredients tackle even the toughest, most set-in stains to get clothes brilliantly clean. Deep-clean formula can also be used as a pre-treater for stains to help break them up and lift them away. The handy cap doubles as a convenient measuring tool to accurately portion the proper amount of detergent.Tide ColdWater Laundry Detergent
  • Cold water formulation helps you cut down on energy costs
  • Stain-fighting ingredients tackle tough, set-in stains
  • Deep-clean formula also acts as pre-treater to lift away stains
  • Cap doubles as measuring tool to accurately portion proper amount


Great smelling clean clothes

Being a mom of 3 kids, 2 being teens, I was skeptical that washing their clothes with cold water would not rid the clothing of the teen smells. My husband does KCBS competitions and works in a metal shop, so his clothes are typically a hot mess as well. I decided to try Tide Coldwater clean to see if it would actually clean our clothes. So, I loaded my washer with my teens nasty clothes and of course some were pretty ripe, I'm assuming a certain kid forgot their deodorant. I washed them on heavy duty because their clothes can use any extra help. Let the cycle run for the 58 minutes. Took the clothes out, tossed them in the dryer with the unscented dryer sheets my husband bought because apparently he forgot our kids have random smells. When I went to fold the clothes (let's be honest here..it was like 2 days later..) I smelled the armpits of each tshirt. No smells! I also managed to complete the husbands work laundry in a timely manner, gold star for me. Once again..no smells! The clothes are clean and they don't stink! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


coldwater Clean Tide

Honestly for me saving energy is a big focus now a days and coming across Tides Coldwater Clean I was so ready to test it out. The formula is meant for cold water to save the energy you would usually waste using the Hot water setting. At first I was skeptical cause how are the hard to remove stains going to come off with out warm water? Well Hello this product truly impressed me not only did my clothes come out spot free and super freshly clean but I'm also saving energy by switching to cold water. My clothes looked great and smelled clean not like others that are over bearing with fragrance. Tide coldwater Clean smelled fresh. I'm beyondly impressed with Tide's energy saving motions and the fact that all while saving energy you don't lose the quality in your clothes freshness and color. Even my whites looked amazing without washing out the colors of bold color shirts. I know I have found my go to detergent now. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


The Tide has Turned Me

The first thing I took notice of was the notches on the cap, that told me how much to put in for a small load. It eased my mind to know I was using the right amount. I typically wait for a full load to avoid the guessing game, but now I don't have to! The smell was also quite nice for an original. Usually I think bland or odorless with original. This had a fresh, clean scent that took me back to sleepovers at Grammy's in the super soft velvet like blanket she kept in her guestroom. Upon my laundry's completion I noticed something that really put the cap back on the old brand for good! My socks were cleaner then before and the armpit stains on my shirt (yeah, I have been sweating it out at the gym lately) were gone! Look, I'll be real, I'm not going to stop cutting coupons; but I will make sure the detergent coupons are for Tide. Quality definitely won this battle. That is why it gets 5 stars! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Outstanding all-around clean

I have many things that can not be washed in warm or hot water. This is by far the best detergent for cold water I have used. I really hope this will not be discontinued. Great product.


Detergent that cleans and saves energy?

To test the claim that the Tide Coldwater detergent cleans in lower temperatures hence saving energy and money was tested by washing the clothes of two college students with loads of dirty laundry. First the whites: the armpit discoloration needed a second pretreatment and unfortunately hot water option as the initial coldwater option failed. However mud, dirt and even week old food markings did come off at first trial with single dose and coldwater cycle. As for the dark bright colors while sweat discolorations did not come off even with pretreatment at coldwater preference hot water was not applied in fear off not retaining their size and shape. In short while with pretreatment dirt, soil, and food/beverage discolorations were cleaned at coldwater single cycle:) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]