Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 6 Family Boxes, 124 Tissues per Cube

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Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 6 Family Boxes, 124 Tissues per Cube
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From eye-makeup mishaps to teary-eyed goodbyes, your face has a lot to face. Luckily, you can always put your best face forward when you have Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong Non-Lotion White Facial Tissues on hand. You know you can trust Puffs facial tissues to be gentle on your face's delicate skin because they're the only national facial tissues that are dermatologist tested. And they're Air-Fluffed soft with Puffs' best strength designed to stand up to early-morning makeup application, mid-day touchups, late-night face blotting--whatever your face faces during the day.

Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 6 Family Boxes, 124 Tissues per Cube:

  • Pack includes 6 Family Boxes (124 Tissues per Box) of Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissues
  • Soft, strong and fragrance-free tissues that contain no lotion
  • Each tissue has Puffs cushiony softness
  • Soft and 2x Stronger when wet vs. the leading national regular brand
  • Don't let your runny nose run out of Puffs. Sign up for automatic home delivery and save
  • Dermatologist tested to be gentle on skin
  • Don't irritate your nose during allergies; be ready with soothing Puffs Ultra Soft
  • Our family size box comes in assorted, stylish designs that accent any room's decor

Mighty Kathy

The best of the best

Love these and only want soft packs . Sometimes hard to find love them and you will too. I don't want anything but these.


Not Enough Greatness

Okay, here's why I'm writing. I bought your Puffs with Vicks and was pleasantly surprised. I'd seen the ads. on TV, but had paid it no real attention. However, the advertising worked because when I needed tissues for a cold, I chose Puffs. My first encounter was truly heaven. So much so that I encouraged at least two co-workers, without colds, to try. They had the same experience. So far, so good. Now to the Title of my review: Not Enough Greatness - Why? Because the wonderful vicks/tissue combination scent didn't last long enough and there are not enough tissues in the box. (FYI - I purchased a 60 - 2 PLy Tissue Box. In these tough economic times, the way to keep your clientel is to give a little extra. The little extra is always received as "I care about you". How can you solve the problem? More Scent, More Tissue. I know you can fit more tissues into that box. I just know it. Now that I've vented, thank you for making the product. I hope you take my suggestions and improve


Please Bring Back the OLD Puffs to Go Packaging

As a chronic seasonal allergy sufferer, I go through tissues like crazy. I LOVE Puffs. All of your products. I find your tissues the only one to be strong enough to withstand all of the stuff that comes out of my nose. Sadly, I can't take along a box with me wherever I go so I rely on your Puffs to Go product. I used to go out of my way to pick up your to go packs because 1. the packaging is great! 2. it contains Puffs tissues. Even though your product was priced a little higher, I would more than willingly pay for better packaging and product design. Now, I find the NEW packaging has the same faults as all of the other travel tissue packaging (Kleenex, Generica, etc). The tissues are hard to dispense, and because of the form factor, takes more work to unfold the tissue. Please, please, please bring back the old packaging. Your product's distinctive display and features that defined your competitive advantage have been forfeited. Please bring back the Original Puffs to Go packaging.


Please Bring Back the OLD Puffs to Go Packaging

Getting ready for winter. These are the best. Soft and boxes are just the right size

Straight Shooter

Love the product; hate the packaging.

I don’t normally write reviews, but in this case I feel I must share my thoughts about Puffs Ultra Soft. I’ve been a long-time fan of Puffs facial tissues, starting back when they were called Soft and Strong. When the name changed to Puffs Ultra Soft I was concerned that the product had changed, until I learned through contacting the company that the product was the same and only the name changed. (As a side note, this created unnecessary consumer confusion.). I still love the tissues, but on a daily basis I am frustrated by the design of the cube pop-up dispenser. At least once a day, either a tissue breaks when being pulled out, or the tissue comes out but the next one doesn’t pop up, leaving me to stick my hand into the box and dig around to manually pull the next one up, which ends up stretching the plastic covering. I rate the product 5 stars but the packaging 1 star. Puffs, please correct this design flaw!