Dawn Non-Concentrate Original Dishwashing Liquid 56 Fl Oz

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Dawn Non-Concentrate Original Dishwashing Liquid 56 Fl Oz
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Dishwashing liquid that removes unseen food residue.

Dawn Non-Concentrate Original Dishwashing Liquid:
  • Activates on contact to clean everyday grease
  • Great Price & Great Clean
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants
  • Try Ultra Dawn for an even more powerful clean!


Dawn Dish soap

At first i didn't wanna buy this type of dawn dish soap, but i tried it anyways because the price was very good. I've had it for already three weeks and i still have a quarter of a bottle left. that just goes to show you that everything doesn't have to be concentrated to last longer. Dawn works good concentrated or not. I LOVE IT!


No longer love Dawn.

I have used Dawn dish liquid for years. I would frequently recommend it because of the way it cut grease. I can no longer do that because it has not been cutting grease for several years now. I asked several friends who used it if they felt it no longer did the job and they agreed. I had written my opinion at that time and noticed that there were many other people who expressed the very same sentiments about the product. I felt the reviews that still raved about it either had some of the old product or they were paid for their review. I cannot believe that a product that leaves a greasy film you can see and feel can possibly be doing a good job removing HEAVY oil and grease from wildlife. Even the bottle cap is not a good design. No matter how carefully it is poured and closed the bottle is always slick with soap that has leaked. Sometimes I can get enough suds just rinsing the bottle off. If I could find a product that cleaned like Dawn used to clean I would never buy Dawn again.. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


New cleaning mixture

If you mix 1 cup of Dawn original with 1cup of household vinegar, you will have one of the easiest and the least expensive bathtub/shower cleaners ever! Spray it on, let it sit for an hour or so, and wipe off. Buying Dawn in this size is a really good deal.


Consistent quality formula

I prefer the original dawn to the concentrated formula because it cleans and cuts grease as well without excess sudsing. I use it for dishes as well as homemade cleaning formulas for general purpose, bathroom, and floor cleaning. Also as a laundry pretreat. The original fragrance is not too strong and does not cause any allergic reaction for me. This size is a great value and lasts me a while even with all its household uses.


Great Product

Dawn is the best for dishes, cleans every piece of stuff on the dishes of. I also use Dawn for stains on my clothes. Works every time.