(2 pack) Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Body Wash 2X18 oz

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(2 pack) Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Body Wash 2X18 oz
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Feel refreshed in minutes with Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash Pure Sport, Twin Pack. This body wash for men gives crisp and intense cleaning and leaves a refreshing scent. Use the soft gel lather on your body to slam away dirt and odor for the perfect-after workout cleansing. This Old Spice twin pack contains two 18 fl oz bottles. Leave one at home and keep the other in your gym bag for workouts. Face the day with confidence knowing you look and smell your best.

Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Body Wash 18 oz Twin:

  • 3X clean: Clean rinse feel, clean crisp scents, and clean refreshing lather
  • Protects against odor and cleans away dirt
  • High Endurance collection boosts your man-smell and prepares you for success
  • Refreshing lather drop-kicks dirt and odor, does a clothesline on them and then slams them with a folding chair
  • Pure Sport scent laughs at lesser sports scents from high atop a lemon-lime tree that was actually quite difficult to climb


Body Wash

This body wash has always worked very well for me.


very nice

i got this as what im guessing is some sort of free gift with the purchase of some lotion and other body wash...which was a very nice surprise...im not the biggest fan of old spice at all but this is very nice...i wont be using anything else with old spice because i think its a little to "old" for me but as far as this body wash ill actually buy it next time....but it was so nice of walmart to give me 2 bottles for free


Old Spice

This old spice body wash is the best for men!!!It leaves my skin soft and keeps my husband from stinking!!


Old Spice

This product is very easy for me to use in the shower and makes me smell good and leaves my skin soft and does not dry my skin out


Great Body Wash

Smell seems a little strong at first but quickly dims. The scent lasts several hours from what I can tell, but once you start wearing a cologne or scent you get used to it. I'm sure it lasts at least 5-6 hours.