Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues, 55 Sheets, Pack of 4

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Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues, 55 Sheets, Pack of 4
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One soft tissue is all it takes to show you care. Reach for gentle Kleenex Everyday Tissues for a friend, a stranger or yourself. With the perfect balance of softness and strength, Kleenex facial tissues are durable with 2-ply thickness and are absorbent to lock in moisture. Our essential Kleenex facial tissues are perfect for makeup smudges, sniffles and sneezes, children’s messy faces and more. Just use and toss. Stock up on Kleenex Everyday Tissues and keep tissues on hand to care for family, company and yourself during cold and flu season, allergy season, back-to-school and holidays. And as always, Kleenex boxes come in a variety of colors and designs that blend beautifully into your home décor. Place boxes in the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and office. Kleenex disposable facial tissues have been there for happy tears and stuffy noses since 1924.


New box designs have produced lower quality tissue

The tissues in the new box design 160 2-ply are lower quality, thinner and folded differently. Bring back the old Kleenex blue, tan, grey and brown boxes and restore the quality. I have been a Kleenex customer for 50 years and will stop purchasing the product altogether!


Lots of spare cotton

I have been turning to Kleenex for as long as I can remember so it was a. O brained when I got hit with a horriable cold. That's when I reloaded I went to use a tissue on my nose and accidently inhaled a big chunk of cotton from the Kleenex. I pulled out more tondouble check and sure enough more was coming out with every tissue. You should really look into that! It's probley not the best to inhale cotton.


What happened to the 'classic' design boxes?

Your new designs are terrible looking. They look like they have patched together left over pieces of cardboard. Please bring back your 'classic' brown, gray, blue, & other non -obtrusive colored boxes. We do not like that the new box look has to be a focal point of a room. The more it blends into the surroundings, the better. Also, reducing your tissue count per box from 200, then 180, now 160 isn't fooling anyone. We would rather you would up the price a bit rather than reduce the quantity.



i bought this products few days ago and i am happy that i did... [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Design Alternatives

Your box designs no longer bother me! I use fancy metal and plastic tissue boxes in many rooms. Sometimes, when I have a design I like, I open the flaps on the side and refill them. Velcro dots are great for this. When they wear out, wrapping paper is easy, just put a piece of packing tape over the slit, make a little cut, and you are good to go. An Aluminum Foil wrap gives it a very futuristic look and protects from splashes. I have even made a fabric cover to match my shower curtain. It closes up with a pretty drawstring bow. In fact, few people that come to visit even know that I use Kleenex Brand Tissues. (Hint, hint) ;-)